Coming back after a long time.

I played this game before, but I stopped around 15 december last year. Now I've come back, I already noticed the changes with mods and ship battles, but there are a lot of new things. Anything important that I need to focus on, or anything that was really useful last year but I need to let go of now?
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  • Waqui
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    If you read through the various game update notes /patchnotes you will find a lot of information, f.ex.:

    Jedi are now much better/usefull than earlier (GMY was reworked. Some jedi were added — Bastilla and others).
    Bountyhunters have undergone a huge change (many were added/reworked, they have more ships, detonators can't be cleansed) and they now unlock a new legendary character.
    Boss health has been greatly reduced in non—heroic tiers of the sith raid.

    Just to name a few things.

    Welcome back :—)
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