Help us get Traya! Slowing down in P3

Hey all- KnightsWho SayNihilus is looking for a couple of players who are HSTR ready. We are currently in P3 and are losing momentum. We'll likely stall out in P3 or maybe the beginning of P4. But NEXT TIME, we want to beat it! We currently have 135 mill+ GP with two spaces open immediately. I'd also like to replace a couple of people who are getting to be inactive and who haven't helped us with the raid, so WE'RE LOOKING FOR UP TO 5 PEOPLE TO JOIN.

We are an independent guild, run off PST, we require discord, you have to be active everyday, have teams ready for HSTR (JTR and Nightsisters huge plus)... stuff like that. We like to be organized and discuss strategy, but we are not hardcore or cutthroat- we all have lives and we understand if you go out of town and can't play, etc.

Message me on here if you're interested! Or on Discord: molboda#4294
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