Elite Guilds Looking For Players - December 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    **Want Traya shards? Tired of feeling like getting 600 tickets a day is your part-time job? We have Heroic Sith on farm and we understand that real-life comes first**

    Adult Gaming is recruiting and has a spot open. We're a Heroic Sith guild that is team-focused, with active leadership.

    -We run only Heroic Raids.
    -All Raids are 24hrs no damage. Haat launches at 8pm Eastern and is FFA, Sith launches at 9pm Eastern and is also FFA. Rancor raid launches at 7pm Eastern, but we ask people to wait until 7:30pm Eastern to post damage.
    -TW: We look at the matchup and if it is way too lopsided attacking isn't mandatory, otherwise we ask people to actively participate.
    -We have a Line chat we encourage people to join, but it's not mandatory.
    -We ask that players do a minimum of 450 daily raid tickets, but we don't boot people out because real life gets in the way and they might have low tickets sometimes.
    -Our Galactic Power is at 173 million, and we get 45 stars in the TBs.

    -We're competitive, but we understand that real life comes first. You won't get booted if you're away on vacation, just let us know.
    -We're team-focused, with veterans who are happy to give advice and stable leadership.


    -Must be level 85 and minimum 2.5 million total roster galactic power. We ask that members aim for 1 g12 toon per 100k GP, but if you're below this we will still take you if you commit to working on your roster.

    If you're interested please send me an ally request in the game and DM me so I can send you an invite. My Ally Code is 383-247-961 (PadmeSkywalker).

  • Koyo
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    ImaDrunki (member of Boba's Alliance)
    156M gp

    * 3M+ gp
    * 600 tix daily
    * Swgoh gg & Discord activity
    * Not afraid of some Hstr competition

    We offer:
    * HSTR on easy farm
    * No micro-managing
    * LS TB 42 stars
    * DS TB 45 stars
    * TW Frequent wins even against guilds up to 20M above our gp
    * HSTR, Hpit and HAAT rotating 1600 and 1900 UTC (EU friendly)
    * Teamplay and friendly guildmembers

    Join us today!
    Contact Discord: Koyo#3747
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  • Merlando
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    Guild name: Beyond 2.0
    165M gp

    * 3.2M+ gp
    * Jtr and Revan (bonus if you have chewie or C3P0
    * 600 tix daily
    * Swgoh gg & Discord activity (optional)
    * TB participation mandatory (especially p4 to p6, must try all combat and special missions, and deploy)
    * TW (optional, but if you join, 100 banner minimum with some offense banners)

    We offer:
    * HSTR farm
    * LS TB 42 stars
    * DS TB 45 stars
    * HSTR, Hpit and HAAT 24 hour join 8 pm est
    * Teamplay and friendly guild members
    * Most guild mates have been together for 2 years

    If you’re interested, do a guild search and join!
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    Currently have one opening in Bacon The Hut.
    We are at 174 million GP with 49 players.
    East coast guild. Want a player who get 600s daily and are active in both TB and TW. Looking for someone who is around 3 million GP. This guild loves TW and have won our last 9/10 wars. We use Line for our main chats, but also have a discord server for use of bots. Contact us on our recruitment server :)
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    WE ARE...


    All Heroic raids on farm

    45/45 LSTB - 47/48 DSTB


    Competitive in TW

    Friendly, Fun, and Enthusiastic Players


    3m + GP (Exceptions possible)

    TB & TW focused roster (see below)

    - Pheonix

    - Rogue One

    - Imperial Troopers

    - Bounty Hunters

    - Arena teams for TW & GA

    Must contribute 600 tix daily

    Willing to use LINE

    Have a good attitude !!!


    In game chat 828-156-268

    On LINE id: maxdcm85

    On Discord: Maxxximus#8209

    LOWER GP? ask about joining another one of our other guilds !!!

    Mergers available into our other guilds for small groups and new players, leadership positions available.

    NOTE: We are an alliance guild, but each guild grows independently, we don't move people or treat any of our guilds as feeders.

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    Krakens Revenge
    178M GP

    Looking for a few players!

    If you are looking for a group that is active in game and also on discord we are that group. We like to keep a fun discord environment while also maximizing in game results. We have a good mix of FTP players and PTP players. We have knowledgeable players who are willing to help answer any questions. If you are looking for a group that will complete future end game content then come join us.

    We are looking for
    - 3.3M+ GP (exceptions made for whales)
    - Top 25 in Arena and Fleet
    - Active on Discord
    - 600 tickets a day this mandatory

    About Us
    - 45 Trayas; 18 Revans
    - Fully Heroic Guild
    - Near Perfect TW record
    - 47 DSTB (86 IPD)
    - 45 LSTB (100 ROLO)
    - Raid times 10:00 A.M and 6:00 P.M PDT (alternating schedule)
    - Guild Resets at 6:30 P.M. PDT

    If you’re interested please send a link of your swgoh.gg profile, with your time zone and why you left your last guild to me via direct message on discord (MikeB#1326)

    You can also jump on our discord server with the below link.

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    Imperial Death Squadron 133M GP

    Heroic Sith - 2030 UTC
    Heroic Rancor - 2000 UTC
    HAAT - 2030 UTC
    24 hrs no damage
    No raids on a Friday or Saturday

    DARKSIDE - 37⭐️
    LIGHTSIDE - 41⭐️

    Very focused and strategic coordination
    Set squads to choose from (recommended but not mandatory farms)

    2.5M GP (would consider lower depending on roster)
    swgoh.gg account
    600 daily

    A wealth of in guild swgoh knowledge
    We run regular ‘Masters Training’ sessions

    If you are interested, please join our recruitment server at https://discord.gg/pRjeSX3

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    We are a UK guild that is constantly active, we get 30k in ticket every day so plenty of raids! Currently we gave one spot open that we would like to fill before TB starts. Looking for an active and committed player to join us as we push towards the next level of rewards in TB! More info below:
    44* LS TB
    46* DS TB
    30k tickets every day
    Rancor 9pm GMT
    HAAT 7pm GMT
    Heroic sith Raid 2pm GMT

    Our requirements to join are:
    600 daily tickets
    3m GP minimum
    Swgoh. gg account
    Arena average around 100 or better
    Active in all aspects of the game
    zBastilla/zKru or other good TW teams a plus

    If anyone is interested PM me. I will respond as soon as I can
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    The Covenant of the Force

    151 mil GP guild with 49/50

    Looking for a few players to join our crew:

    Passionate about game
    600 tickets daily
    Participation in all guild events

    What we provide:

    Fully heroic guild
    Competitive TW
    LSTB- 42, DSTB- 44
    [Close to 2 more stars in both LSTB and DSTB]
    Large shared server
    Fun & supportive atmosphere
    Guidance for rapid growth
    Raid times 5pm, 6pm, 7pm PST

    Interested DM me or drop by the server to check us out
    Discord: babbittini32#4856 or GeneralZod#5218
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    Shadowlands Asylum

    187m GP


    Dear Ma'm and Sir', Shadowlands Asylum is looking for new players to become an even greater Guild.

    Asylum is a heavy TW oriented guild in the Shadowlands Alliance.

    Asylum is based in US Pacific Standard Time (PST), but has players from all over the world.


    - LSTB 45* - DSTB 47*

    - 25 TW wins - 3 loss

    - Rancor: 8:30pm PST/04:30 GMT - HAAT/HSR 9pm PST/05:00GMT

    - All raids have 24hr joins.

    What do you need:

    - Discord

    - TW oriented playstyle,

    - zBastilla, BH, First Order, Chewie, Revan preferred

    - improving all the time


    - Well geared and not GP fluffed

    - 600/d

    - dailies

    - discuss about tactics, meta, strategy, thrash etc...

    - both Arena top 50

    If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask. Join our discord server and mention your interest:

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    1.5M de GP
    Une équipe Rey(entrainement de Jedi)
    Faire ses 600 tickets.
    Être francophone.

    Moyen de communication:
    Le tchat du jeu



    2 à 3 rancor héroïque par semaine.
    1 à 2 haat (Char héroïque) par semaine.
    1 STV 6 ( Triumvirat Sith tier 6) par semaine
    en passe de devenir un STVH (le tier héroïque).
  • Koyo
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    ImaDrunki (member of Boba's Alliance)
    156M gp

    * 3M+ gp
    * 600 tix daily
    * Swgoh gg & Discord activity
    * Not afraid of some Hstr competition

    We offer:
    * HSTR on easy farm
    * No micro-managing
    * LS TB 42 stars
    * DS TB 45 stars
    * TW Frequent wins even against guilds up to 20M above our gp
    * HSTR, Hpit and HAAT rotating 1600 and 1900 UTC (EU friendly)
    * Teamplay and friendly guildmembers

    Join us today!
    Contact Discord: Koyo#3747
  • wildirish
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    Degenerates of the First Order - 151Mil GP


    We are recruiting 1 active player that wants to participate actively in TW/TB.

    Join us on Discord at https://discord.gg/pUWcBx
    or message me on discord with your swgoh.gg - Blurry#0763

    HSR on Farm.
    42/43 LS DS
    -3mil GP
    -Needs to be able to communicate
    -We use discord but do also talk a lot in the game.

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    179m GP - we have openings!
    Independent - 2yrs old and counting.

    GMT/UTC +0
    HEROIC Sith raid @18:00 FFA
    G-Reset @ 18:30
    Rancor @ 19:00 FFA (15 min courtesy wait to post)
    HAAT @ 20:00 FFA
    raids 24hr/0 dmg


    Everyone must have discord to join
    600/day required
    Max effort required in tb/tw
    All raids on farm

    Darth Reign#4202

    Or drop by to say hello
    "and i will show you ... where the iron crosses grow..."
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    Guild Name: Ossus
    Guild GP: 155 Mil

    Members: 49/50

    - All raids on Heroic farm
    - 42 star️s LSTB and 44 star️s DSTB
    - moving towards Competitive
    - Great group with deep knowledge of the game.

    -Must have a swgoh.gg account and be active on Discord
    -2.6 mil GP
    -600 Daily Raid Tickets
    -Participate in TB and TW

    Raid Times:
    - Hpit 7PM EST
    Haat 8PM EST
    - HSR: 6PM EST

    If you want to have fun in a great community then come join!
    Send me a DM or join here

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    Guild Name: Danish Pride

    Guild GP: 180M

    Swgoh-profile: https://swgoh.gg/g/2664/danish-pride/

    About us:
    - 180M GP.
    - HSTR twice a week, HAAT 2-3, HPit 3 times a week.
    - LSTB: 44/45, DSTB: 46/47.
    - Danish guild, but orders and other information in English.
    - Competitive players, but cassuality is accepted.
    - Great win stat in TW.
    - Good knowledge in counter teams for TW and GA.

    - 600 daily! (Mandatory).
    - swgoh gg profile and communication on Discord is a must.
    - 3.0 mil GP.
    - Participate in TBs and TWs. (TB is Mandatory, missions must be completed before 14 hours).

    Raid times: HSITH 07.00 pm - Rancor 08.00 pm - HAAT 09.00 pm. (Timezone UTC + 1).

    Contact me: Discord: Mads Lightdarker#5304 - Ally Code: 888-966-763

    Discord Guild Link: https://discord.gg/DghnDDq

    May the force be with you
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    Lonca adı: Outcast WTC (discord linki en altta)

    Evet arkadaşlar Loncamız olarak aramıza katılacak, iletişimi kuvvetli, saygılı, oyun bilgisi orta duzey ve üstü arkadaşları aramızda görmek isteriz.
    Lonca olarak şuan Epik Sith deneme aşamasındayız. Bundan sonraki sith raidler Epik olucaktır.
    P1 %100
    P2 %86
    P4 %100
    Şeklinde hazırız Loncamızda yaklaşık 13-15 kişi arası musait yer bulunmaktatır
    Loncamıza katılmak isteyenlerin tercihen 2milyon GP+ yada NS JTR takımları varsa 1.5 milyon GP şeklinde aramıza katılabilirler.
    Discord adresimize katılıp ordan yetkililere ulaşarak başvurularınızı yapabilirsiniz. Lonca olarak cok samimi ve seviyeli bir loncayız. Eventlerde ise çok organize olarak katılım gösteriyoruz. Zamanınız varsa sizleride aramızda görmekten mutluluk duyarız.
  • Koyo
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    ImaDrunki (member of Boba's Alliance)
    156M gp

    * 3M+ gp
    * 600 tix daily
    * Swgoh gg & Discord activity
    * Not afraid of some Hstr competition

    We offer:
    * HSTR on easy farm
    * No micro-managing
    * LS TB 42 stars
    * DS TB 45 stars
    * TW Frequent wins even against guilds up to 20M above our gp
    * HSTR, Hpit and HAAT rotating 1600 and 1900 UTC (EU friendly)
    * Teamplay and friendly guildmembers

    Join us today!
    Contact Discord: Koyo#3747
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    German guild Rise of Korriban (https://swgoh.gg/g/23068/rise-of-korriban/) is looking for 1 new member to close the ranks of its loyal and successful players!

    Nach vier Monaten ohne einen einzigen Abgang (!) haben uns nun leider einige Spieler verlassen, die aus Zeitgründen mit dem Spiel aufhören oder deutlich kürzer treten wollten.
    Das könnte DEINE Chance sein, bei uns eine neue Heimat zu finden!

    Was wir bieten:
    - 170+Mio GM
    - 29k+ Raid Tickets pro Tag
    - HSTR, HRancor und HAAT um 19/20/21 Uhr deutscher Zeit, mit 24h Registrierungsphase
    - Territory Battles LS 43 / DS 46 Sterne
    - Eigenen Discord Server
    - Strategische Führung, Rat und ggf. Hilfe durch erfahrene Offiziere
    - Ein Mentoringprogramm
    - Freundliche und oft lustige Atmosphäre, sehr geringe Fluktuation
    - Hohen Ehrgeiz bei gleichzeitigem Verständnis für "Real Life first"

    Was wir suchen/erwarten:
    - Erfolgreiche, aktive und kommunikative (deutschsprachige) Spieler, die eine neue Heimat suchen, in der sie auf Dauer bleiben möchten.
    - Richtwert mind. 3 Mio GM, kompetitives Roster mit TB-, TW- und raidfähigen Toons (noch wichtiger als die reine GM ist aber zielorientiertes Spielen und loyale, engagierte Persönlichkeit)
    - JTR, Chewie und Jedi Knight Revan freigeschaltet, idealerweise auch C3PO und Millenium Falcon
    - 600 Tickets pro Tag (ein Schnitt von über 500 ist Pflicht!)
    - Arenarang in den Top100 wäre ein Pluspunkt
    - Bereitschaft zur Kommunikation via Discord
    - Profil auf swgoh.gg

    Bei Interesse meldet Euch bitte auf unserem Discord-Server:

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    The REPUBLIC is a dynamic community with a rich history. As a family of 11 guilds from around the world, we’re a dedicated community that works together for the benefit of each guild family. From the days of hPIT and hAAT til now, the REPUBLIC is an established family of top-end guilds.

    -- Guild Galactic Power: 2 of 11 guilds in the top 100 & 5 of 11 in the top 200

    -- TW Leaders: 2 of 11 guilds in the top 100

    -- Range of Timezones: EST, PST, EU, Asian, and more!

    -- GP Ranges: 160-200mil

    We're confident you can find your new home with us! Pop on by and chat with us at https://discord.me/joinrepublic !
  • Ucmo
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    Join our discord server to apply! Just say "Struggle Recruit" and post your swgoh.gg profile - https://discord.gg/H64xRAB

    • ~183m gp
    • HSTR at 8:00 pm EST, Pit & Haat at 9 pm EST
    • 44/46 Stars - Territory Battle
    • In the interest of full transparency, here is our roster: Struggle Roster <--- (Click Link)


    Struggle is recruiting active, friendly players and a minimum 3.5M Galactic Power (negotiable).

    1. Play daily - 500+ raid tickets per day. 600 tickets is normal for most of our members. (We do track this) -- we avg 29k to 30k daily tickets.
    2. Syncing your squad with swgoh.gg is required.
    3. Joining our discord server is required.
    4. Participate in raids (Zero damage counts as participation)
    5. That's it! It isn't much, but it helps ensure a continued active environment where daily players can enjoy the rewards from being in an active environment.

    How to apply:

    Join our Struggle Recruiting discord server - https://discord.gg/H64xRAB

    Chat with our officers to see if we have room and see if we are a good fit for you. Just say "Struggle Recruit" and post your swgoh.gg profile.

    Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions about things we may not have covered in this post.

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    TB ~40stars
    Tw over 45 wins
    All Heroic Raids on farm

    We are a guild of like minded individuals looking to get the most out of game while having the best time possible. Alot of people migrated from Hardcore guilds looking to get a more relaxed environment while at the same time still be relevant with content and get everything the game has to offer. Friendly and mature guild and very helpful.

    Guild is 140mil gp and Clearing Heroic Rancor, HAAT, and Heroix Sith with a 24hour no damage rule twice a week! TB averaging 40 stars and we are very competitive in TW! Last month ranked at 312 with over 45 wins total since the start! Raid times are 7pm EST. Come guarantee yourself a spot in a guild that is fairly casual but still generates 25k+ tickets every day and replaces inactives/low contributors. We use Discord chat to communicate and chat with each other!

    Search for our Guild Clairvoyance and apply today!
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    Kraken’s Revenge
    183 Million GP

    Undefeated in TW since August 2018

    We are a highly focused and competitive group. TW is one of the events we pride ourselves on as a guild. We are looking for people who are as active and dedicated to the game as we are. Come check us out if you want to join a winning guild.

    We are looking for:
    - 3.3M GP or higher (we do make exceptions)
    - Top rankings in both Arenas
    - Active on discord and in all guild events
    - 600 tickets a day is mandatory

    Contact me in discord directly (MikeB#1326) or come check out our server https://discord.gg/xU7ptES
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    Folks, reminder from the thread rules:
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    Feel free to update your ad as often as you like to include relevant information, such as answers to frequently-asked questions, current recruitment status, the size of your wait list, more awesomeness etc.
    One ad per guild.

    I've removed a few posts violating the "One ad per guild" rule, so let's please keep the rules in mind from here out.
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    Ewokolypse Elite has 2 open spots!

    We have spots for 2 members who can contribute to our continued TW dominance.
    166m GP
    43 7* Trayas
    42 7* Revans

    Our requirements:
    Full participation in TW/TB
    Communication on discord

    What we're looking for
    3m+ GP top 100 arena
    2m+ GP top 10 arena

    Come chat with us if you think you'd be a good fit!
  • Koyo
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    ImaDrunki (member of Boba's Alliance)
    156M gp

    * 3M+ gp
    * 600 tix daily
    * Swgoh gg & Discord activity
    * Not afraid of some Hstr competition

    We offer:
    * HSTR on easy farm
    * No micro-managing
    * LS TB 42 stars
    * DS TB 45 stars
    * TW Frequent wins even against guilds up to 20M above our gp
    * HSTR, Hpit and HAAT rotating 1600 and 1900 UTC (EU friendly)
    * Teamplay and friendly guildmembers

    Join us today!
    Contact Discord: Koyo#3747r8u400ovl0ip.png
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    The Ghost Squadron has one open spot for the right person.
    We are a close knit group and part of a small multi-guild community.
    Currently we are at 185 mil gp, 47/48* dstb, 45/45* lstb.
    We're based on US time zones with strong u.s. canadian, and european groups.
    guild reset is at 3:30pm pst/ 6:30pm est/ 12:30am utc
    pit ffa runs 11am pst, 7pm utc. haat ffa at 12pm pst, 8pm utc. sith 1pm pst, 9pm utc.
    600 tickets required -almost- every day.
    TW/TB full participation.
    3mil-ish gp, flexible if you have key characters or are really cool.
    swgoh.gg synced
    be a nice person
    We use Line chat (required), hit me up. My ID: froovy69
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    End Game has arrived!

    We are group full of dedicated players who are willing to do what it takes to dominate New Content quickly and efficiently. We all share and work together to accomplish our goals and grow faster, and we work as one big guild so no one is left behind.

    - Must have a swgoh.gg account and be active daily on Discord
    - 3+ mil GP - Fully geared squads and High level of dedication are a priority.
    - 600 Daily Raid Tickets
    - Full participation in TB and TW

    What you get:
    - All heroic raids
    - No guilds getting less than 43 stars in TB  - No slackers, everyone carries their weight.
    - Experienced, veteran players who have your back.

    We’re looking for serious players who want more out of the game, and who are willing to step up and take on whatever CG throws at us this year!!! Stop by our Discord server at https://discord.gg/uGPZjPh and fulfill your destiny!!!!!
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