Best team to beat CLS in dark side battle stage 7?

Not sure which node it is. But CLS is devastating every team i try. 5* Vader Palpatine kylo unmasked Sion and Dooku is current. Also have tried Bounty Hunter and Nightsister team. Any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance


  • No advice u have payed for the best teams and still can’t get threw smh. Don’t know ur lvl but make sure it matches ones they r at before attempting what I would usually do never had issues stage 7 although u unlock before ur toons will reach lvl of opponents so have to wait till they do.
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    A - don't use an AoE on opening move. Ideally Vader is fastest and hit CLS with basic to ability block him.
    B - Make KRU your fastest and depending on what level you are you can stun CLS regardless of which "mode" he's in. Beat him into the ground. Then proceed to do everyone else.

    CLS counters like crazy when he doesn't have call to action so avoid AoE until he's stunned or dead. Don't hit him with Dooku if he's not in Call to Action as he'll counter each of Dooku's attacks.
  • At that part of the ds battles, I used my bh squad.
    Boba, Bane, Jango, Embo and Greedo.
    All G7-G8, Greedo 7*, Embo and Jango 3* and Bane and Boba between 5and7 * (can't remember exactly anymore)
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