Posting Commandments

I: Thou shalt never express satisfaction. If thine favorite character is not ingame, thou shalt lament their absence. If thine favorite character is released, thou shalt wail about the difficulty of acquiring them.

II: Upon each new character release, thou shalt proclaim that they are OP, and bemoan the "death of arena."

III: If a new player doth request advice on a trying battle, thou shalt offer a completely unrealistic solution, such as "lmao just use ur full G12 Traya squad lol and mod everyone for 300 speed its 2 easy rofl."

IV: Thou shalt interpret any and all new information to suggest that thine favorite character is "confirmed."

V: Thou shalt speculate endlessly about characters that have never been mentioned or even hinted at by the developers.

VI: If a new character be not "the meta," thou shalt brand them "useless" and "trash," and refuse to entertain any notion to the contrary.

VII: Thou shalt endlessly abuse the ability to tag CG staff, then express thy puzzlement that they heed not thy inane ramblings.

VIII: Thou shalt rail against the endless tide of marquees, then rail in kind against the introduction of Journey events, for they be naught but a "cash grab."

IX: Thou shalt cry out aloud that the drop rate for thine current farm is "bugged," ignorant of countless sources of information to the contrary.

X: Look, I couldn't think of a tenth one and talking like this is annoying, so let's just agree that Ugnaught sucks.


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