Updated challenges please

Please provide a higher level of each of the challenges. The challenges are great for anyone below 85. Us 85s don't accomplish a whole lot from these challenges anymore (with the exception of a few gear pieces). We all have thousands and thousands of most of these pieces earned from challenges. Please give us an 85 exclusive challenge with much better gear; mk 5 stun guns, mk 8 implants, mk 3 stun cuffs, etc etc. Heck, with all the characters we have in our rosters, make it an 85 heroic-like challenge


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    I wish that this would happen. I remember when they added the stuff to get to g12, but that was like a year ago. Maybe they'll do it next year.
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    An update to the gear salvage from the challenges is long overdue. Most of the gear can't even be used by end-game players as thousands of pieces of salvage just pile up in the inventory. They need to either put some more usable gear salvage into these challenges or give us the ability to sell inventory salvage for credits or convert it to other types of salvage....or all of the above.
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    I would love if you could convert Mk 4 gear into Mk 5. So when you get lower tier gear you can trade say 25 for one of the next mk higher.
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