Hear me out.

Galactic war 2.0 pve instead of pvp. Vader's fortress after 5 battles with different darkside shards each week and if you complete the whole thing you get a title and 500 Crystal's.


  • It should toy with the idea of requiring specific factions (maybe even useless ones like Jawas) in order to make things interesting, and yet, still tough to obtain. I would not mind actually trying to unlock and star/gear up Jawas if it means that I can get useful crystals and shards, and I am sure people would agree with me about that. I would definitely want it to be really difficult to provide a challenge, but nothing like full gear 12+ and 6 star mods on all 5 characters with full maxed out zetas, especially on toons like Jawas, but still like G10 to G11 to make things difficult and force people to make a choice.
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  • It would keep thing's fresh and interesting for sure.
  • If it was say 8 stages long and you could only use 1 faction, they could run all the stages together so we didn't have to click in and out of it. And they could have a few different difficulty tiers. Maybe run differently themed ones on about a 1 month rotation. It would fit nicely in the events area. They could call it assault battles or something like that. :D

    Sorry, very glib comment.

    For new individual PVP content I think I'd really enjoy something along the lines of personal raid. Earn tickets to launch it like you do for the guild ones, but then get to complete on your own time and really stretch your own roster. It would admittedly be quite a time sink though as you'd never be able to tag it for a zero and collect rewards if you were too busy.
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