Known Issues 12/04/2018

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Hi folks,
Below are the latest known issues for today, 12/04/2018.
  • QUEST - Grand Arena Quest progressing in battles outside of Grand Arena
  • GUILD - Client may crash when requesting gear from the Character screen.
    Temporary workaround: Whenever you start the game go to Guild home first and check your guild roster. This should prevent any crashes due to this issue during this session. Subsequent logins may have the issue return if you do not check the Guild Roster.
  • QUEST - Mod quests in progress can cause infinite loading on the Quest screen
    Temporary workaround:
    1. Reinstalling the game will force it to load into daily activities first instead of the last viewed quest
    2. After that, you should not tap on the mods quests. Instead, go to Characters
    3. Tap on Darth Vader
    4. Go to find more shards
    5. Go to Available as Achievement Rewards
    6. Finally, this will allow the player back into the quests area in Achievements.

Please head over to Answer HQ if you are still experiencing technical issues not listed here.
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