New Raids please????

How about:

- "Steal the Death Star Plans!" - Seems to me as Episode IV, VII, and Rogue One all revolve around this event of the stolen plans.... it would make a great raid!

- "Coaxium Heist" - While I hate the sudden need for "fuel" in Star Wars, it was the central theme of Solo, so how about a raid to steal some coaxium?

Any one else got any good ideas? But seriously, the raids are insanely boring these days......


  • You could play as a buffed up vader and just slaughter countless rebel troops on the tantive 4
    Honestly raids are my favorite part of the game i want more and more, but they take a long time to make. Sith raid took a year,and you know how buggy it was (is) for the longest time. We should have had a ship raid by now,that would get me more into ships
  • I would love an order 66 raid.
  • Geonosis arena raid: fight a Reek, Acklay, and Nexu. Maybe some geonosians. Midriff Padmé raid reward.

    Death Star raid (for ships): fight the chimaera, the executrix, Vader’s Tie Advanced X1, and of course the Death Star.
  • Jabba raid- rewards slave leia shards ha
  • KotOR Raid: KotOR characters all get bonuses, of course. Maybe has more than four phases (one for each planet: Taris, Manaan, Tatooine, Kashyyyk, Korriban, Lethos (the Unknown World), and the Star Forge). Or just the Star Forge and it's all about fighting Malak.

    The Sith Raid should have been accompanied with (and therefore should be given soon) KotOR II characters such as Atton, Bao-Dur, Brianna (Handmaiden), G0-T0, give HK and Visas Old Republic Tags, maybe come out with a neutral version of Traya (Kreia), Atris, Michal (Disciple), Canderous as Mandalore (with Mandalorian tag), Mira, Hanharr, and the Exile.

    Episode I didn't really have anything worth being a raid.

    Episode II should definitely have the arena, though I think that could be a cool setting for something else, no so much a raid. But definitely a possibility with the Acklay and all.

    Clone Wars has TONS of raid content, I believe that the Mortis Arc (The Son, Daughter, Father, and Abeloth) could be really cool.

    Episode III would most definitely have Operation Knightfall as the raid. Anakin (all iterations), Palpatine (all iterations) and clones get extra bonuses. Phases consist of you going through waves of Jedi accompanied by a named Jedi Master (either new to the game, new character entirely, or boosted up/reworked Kit Fisto, Agen Kolar, and Saesee Tiin with Mace as the last one) and the raid reward could be Dark Side Anakin (except with a red lightsaber and hood and yellowed eyes like he was in the concept art).

    Rogue One could have a combo with Ep. IV and Rebels (Phoenix) with Death Star plans as pointed out by someone else earlier.

    Episode IV could possibly have the Death Star I raid, but probably not.

    Episode V already has Hoth as the territory battle, that should be fine. No new content needed, except for when Jedi Luke comes.

    Episode VI should have the Death Star II raid (combination ship and character raid). Unsure what reward may be.

    Episode VII could have the destruction of Starkiller Base as a ship raid, ehh.

    Episode VIII might have a Snoke one that they completely make up to be cool (because the movie gave very little to work with) but including fighting Snoke and Praetorians.
  • Get this man a job at cg!! Yes to all love the kotor idea of changing planets witb each phase, man that would be kool
  • More engaging raids would be nice. Maybe some new approach. Fighting huge "unbeatable" bosses is nice and all but getting your heroes killed again and again in every raid is not very Star Wars spirit.
    A nice change would be to set it the other way, instead of feeding all our favorite heroes to insanely buffed up bosses, we could fight waves of minions to a final "reasonable" boss. Just a suggestion.
  • Episode I didn’t have anything worthy of being a raid? First the most asked for is Death Star Raid for ships and second .... I would love to see a “Trash Compactor” Raid. Phase one starts out in detention block fighting imperials. Then “escape” into trash compactor and fight the Dianogas in various phases.
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