Bonus Protection Calculation Changes

Hi Holotable Heroes,

I meant to post this yesterday explaining how the interactions with Bonus Protection were being fixed but lost this in all the madness around the big Title Update. Our apologies that we did not get this out beforehand and created confusion.

We noticed several odd interactions with Nest and after investigating, we found a bug that caused Bonus Protection to not be calculated properly. Bonus Protection was incorrectly calculated based on the initial max health at the start of the battle instead of being calculated throughout the battle as intended.

This caused an issue when fighting with (or against) any character that could modify Max Health, including applying the Max Health Up buff. For example in a battle with Revan, Enfys Nest could be reduced to almost 1 hit point but still be able to generate massive amounts of Protection due to the calculation not checking the new Max Health values, and instead using her initial Max Health from the start of the battle.

This was not intended, and yesterday we changed Bonus Protection to calculate based on the current Max Health of a character during a battle. While this will impact Nest vs Revan match-ups the most significantly, any characters that can change Max Health will also be affected.

Again, I'm sorry I didn't post this earlier and prevent some of the confusion around this change.
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