TW / Grand Arena GP

Couple of suggestions.

For Territory Wars :

Can guild officers please have an option to remove and/or change the position of squads our guildmates have placed on defense?

Reasoning :
Communication sometimes gets crossed, or someone places a team by accident, or doesn't think anyone has any decent squads left, and just tries to fill a slot. If we're in a 24hr holding period anyway, it would make sense to be able to redirect that squad to another node or have the option to place a more powerful available squad.

Grand Arena :

Let us sideline characters we won't / can't use for the event and remove their GP contribution towards our matchmaking factors.

Reasoning :
TB and various events require us to spread our farming efforts around, sometimes to characters that really aren't PvP viable or won't be for quite some time. Mod storage is also very limited, so unless you're placing extra mods on characters you aren't using, you're going to hit that limit pretty quickly. The overall functional % of my GP that can be used, is rather small in comparison to my total.
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