Gear vs mods - top priority?

So I just finished grand admiral thrawn to 7 stars today with most of my team at gear 10 thru 12 with kanan jarrus only at 8. After merely swapping a few of his mods I was able to clear the final tier of the event no problem. My question is this should I focus on mods more or gear level when it comes to character development? While gear does help a bit it would appear mods have a greater impact but I'm not sure.


  • Not sure how one impedes the other unless you have no credits. Both use different energy if you're farming them. Do both.
  • Kyno
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    For events and "one time use" a deep mod collection can really make things work.

    For guild events and things that there is no auto, and arena gear is key.

    Best advice is always, dont relax on mods. Whether it is finding the dimond in the rough or that perfect raid mod, they will carry you longer further and hopefully faster :wink: throughout your development.
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