Theory crafting Ewok teams to beat Traya

Been trying to think about ways to beat the Traya teams with a Chirpa lead and be effective at it. I feel there has to be some team that works that doesn't just rely on all ewoks. The best ewok team I've seen that can beat the Revan teams is Chirpa, Wicket, Logray, Paploo and Ewok Elder. I don't think that team would nessesarily beat a Traya team tho. So I've been thinking of ways you maximize your damage output based on the one really good strength of the ewoks, that being their turn meter gain. These little guys go all the time! So what characters benefit from other allies going all the time?

I was thinking 2 characters in particular could be very good vs Traya teams. My favorite of the options would be Visas Marr with her Zeta ability.

the squad would be:

Chirpa (lead)
Visas Marr

She has a chance to assist every time an ewok attacks, which is a lot when they are always going. I feel Visas is better than the ewok elder since Visas does a lot more damage and also can still revive people while always cleansing the ewoks every time she assists so they don't need to attack Sion all the time. The thing I like about her assisting the ewoks a lot is that she is also getting turn metter thanks to Chirpas lead. She'd be getting 10% TM each assist which when you factor in that the other ewoks are taking a ridiculous amount of times equates to a lot of TM gain from all those assists. She makes them hit harder also with granting the defense penetration buff also.

My second favorite option would be to include Chewbacca. I think Wicket would be the optimal person to have the Guard buff on him.

the squad with Chewbacca would be:

Chirpa (lead)

This squad would be able to do a lot of damage and keep the person who you are guarding healthy with the heals Chewbacca provides. Wicket can go a lot of times and with Chirpa also giving Wicket retribution, Chewbacca assists a ton on Wickets attacks. Chewbacca is really good at taking out people with high health pools, so i feel there is something there to Chewbacca being in an ewok team. Plus Chewbacca is getting the 10% TM on those Chewbacca becomes a bit faster also which is good.

Any other options you guys can think of to add to an ewok team to help them beat Traya teams?


  • I think Trayas Leader ability makes her too strong v assist teams. They would pretty much kill them selves and I don’t think heal over time would be strong enough to save them. Also, they would deal less damage when they gain a buff and they already struggle to deal big damage. Just my thoughts tho
  • obikenobi1 wrote: »
    Been trying to think about ways to beat the Traya teams with a Chirpa lead...

    Which is not something you read every day :p

  • It won't work... I have g12 Zeta'd ewoks and they won't take on a Traya team. Traya lead deals damage against characters moving outside their turn and gaining buffs outside their turn... ewoks would kill themselves assisting and do barely any damage as they are constantly gaining buffs from each other which would cause them to constantly be under the damage penalty... damage penalty on a team that doesn't do much big damage is killer
  • My ewoks will take on most cls without chewie teams, any JTR or FO team....
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    My ewoks will take on most cls without chewie teams, any JTR or FO team....

    Wrong thread.
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