90m gp guild looking for one Hsith ready player.

Hello fellow heroes, SEAL TEAM SITHS is looking for a member to replace a leaving member, they are currently working towards Hsith and are interested in a Hsith ready or near ready player. Here are a list of requirements:
-2m gp+
-4 solid TW defensive teams and 1 fleet team required
-must get 600tickets/day
-must have discord.
Some things to know about STS:
-great guild environment
-active guild with great discord communication
30 stars in most recent TB
TW win streak, taken down a 150m gp guild
-HAAT HRANCOR on repeats zero tags 24 hours, Hsith T6 working on heroic. If need of more info contact SithLordExarKun at #4127 on discord, or PM me
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