Enfry Nest - I want a refund

There was no "bug" or "error". You tested this character for months prior to release back in July. This is now DECEMBER! You realized you messed up with Revan, and decided to nerf Nest instead of fix a new character. Do you realize how much money I spent to unlock Nest? I bought the character specific pack, and then a few of the crystal packs to gamble on shards. Maybe money means jack crap to you, and why you decide to have this rediculous PTW wall. But, I still play the game and spend money. However, this is unacceptable. I already called EA customer service to demand a refund, and the support person in India told me I had to go to the forums, because according to the tech, "EA doesn't give refunds". I submitted another email ticket and now I am coming to the forums for resolution as the EA tech directed me. As I told the tech, if the character I bought is not fixed back to what I purchsed, or I am not refunded my money, I will go to my credit card company and pull my payment and accuse you of consumer fraud. I'll let you decide what you'd like to do.


  • The basis on which you purchased Nest had nothing to do with Revan.

    No character interacted with Nest's max HP in a way that was noticeable until Revan.

    New content frequently reveals previously unknown problems with old content.

    This change does not meaningfully impact Nest's performance against any character except Revan, whose presence revealed the bug, and to a barely noticeable degree Nihilus, Jango, and Cad.

    Game balance and mechanics changes are a continuous process and the devs have every right to make fixes and game balance changes, in accordance with the license agreement. If content could not change from the moment of purchase lest it be declared fraud, it would be impossible for them to run the game.

    A character should not reap the benefit of a stat they do not have. If your opponent reduces your max HP to 100, then your max HP should be treated like it's 100. If your max HP is reduced to 100, but your abilities treat it like your max HP is still 35,000, that is not fair to the opponent who reduced your max HP fair and square.

    Nest operates identically to the state in which you bought her in every case against characters who existed when you bought her except for, to a minor degree, Nihilus and Cad Bane. You did not purchase her to fight Revan. Revan's release revealed a bug in how Nest operated, which was fixed in a manner that does not significantly impact any of her many, many other applications. She is still one of the most powerful units in the game.

    You can tell your credit card company the charge is fraudulent if you wish, but that would, itself, be fraudulent.
  • Hahahaha. These threads kill me. Good luck accusing them of consumer fraud...
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    nest is exactly the same as you bought her, it's revan who changed...
  • You've been outmaneuvered by EA's legal team. In the early days of SWGoH, they nerfed characters all the time. Then they realized
    A. People don't like it, and
    B. They have to give refunds.

    Now, they classify all reduction's to a character's usefulness as "bug fixes".
    A. People are now happy CG is solving bugs!
    B. They don't have to refund, since they were just solving bugs, you see!
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  • CaptainRex wrote: »
    Now, they classify all reduction's to a character's usefulness as "bug fixes".
    A. People are now happy CG is solving bugs!
    B. They don't have to refund, since they were just solving bugs, you see!
    Then what do you call a character's abilities treating a stat of 100 as if it were 35000, ignoring all reductions applied fairly?
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    Because we cannot have a f2p character messing up with our sales model, can we CG/EA?
  • aww... sweet.... Guess you are new here! lol...
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