Thrawn Unique not working??

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So I've realised this for a while but my empire allies never seem to get that 15% TM when using a special ability, despite not having any effects on them (eg daze). I recently zetad his unique and that seems to not even remove fractured enemy TM, but does remove thrawns. In other words his unique seems to be pretty useless for me (other than tenacity and counter). I know there is a bug report but just checking if anyone else is experiencing this.
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  • TM removal part can be ressisted and TM gain works for me
  • The 15% TM gain is not part of the zeta and it definitely works. Thrawn plus a taunting Shore means when you cleanse means Empire toons are gaining 80% TM when all is said and done.

    The 15% TM removal IS part of the zeta but it can still be resisted even with tenacity down on the fractured toon.

    I’ve used Thrawn in arena and in raids and have had lots of experience with him.

    You’d need to record video or catch screenshots or something concrete to show otherwise.
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