GW a bit easy now

Finished in 30-35 minutes the last two days. Is this intentional or did it get overtuned? The challenging aspect is gone, though I do appreciate not having to retreat or send in suicide squads.


  • Lianara
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    It went opposite for me. My second account is droids and Geo's, and only one healer. For the past month I was able to finish GW fine. Since the update I haven't finished it yet, as I can't practically face waves of maxed 70 toons with only one healer. Unfortunately I don't have resources to level another one.
    I do have Elder and JC, but they get one shot by the enemy.
    On my main account where I have many healers, it got much harder, but still OK to comp!ete.
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  • The first couple days after the update it seemed easier than normal. Then I upgraded two characters on my arena team and I couldn't complete GW for the first time in 69 days.
  • Mine got easier as well. Starts with lower level and get maxed teams around middle. I actually like it because I can try some bench teams. I wish it was consistent though. I'm afraid to lose any chars in case I need suicide squads to finish. I like variety of teams but wish I could count on progressive difficulty.
  • Yea mine usually follows the difficulty between silver-gold-purple boxes more closely now. It's not perfect, but more predictable.

    My first two fights are super easy - level 61ish blue/low purple gear. Fight 3 is a max level 70 team, but then I get some mid 60s for the 4th.
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