C-3PO, Finn, and Phase 3 of the Sith Raid

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Hello Holotable Heroes!

It's come to our attention that there is an unintended strategy/interaction involving Finn(Leader - Zeta), C-3PO, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and BB-8 that allows players to auto Phase 3 of the Sith Triumvirate (Heroic). As we've indicated in previous updates, "when we discover an infinite loop that allows players to trivialize end game content, we try to act as swiftly as possible." Learning from the issues with our Critolyte fix, we're going to wait until the new year before we address this issue. We want to make sure we have the time to work through all ramifications of this change before we put it into the game.

C-3PO was an interesting character to test as he can synergize with so many units and factions. We wanted him to enable a wide variety of interesting strategies and teams, even some that we didn't intend, but there are certain areas where we have to step in, IE infinite loops. While we do extensive testing internally, the sheer amount of man hours (and squad combinations) players have logged with these characters after a couple days absolutely dwarfs our QA efforts.

After evaluating our options today, our current approach centers around making some changes to either Finn (and his leader ability) or to Raid Traya (and how she gains or loses tenacity when toppled). We are evaluating a few additional options, but the first two seem the most viable. We want to take some time testing each out to ensure that we find one that has the least amount of impact on the playerbase and the game. As we get closer to a solution we feel comfortable with in-house, we’ll both work with players in the community to get their feedback on our proposed changes AND communicate our thinking before we roll out any changes.

These sorts of changes are always tricky,but our hope is that in communicating transparently, we can find the best all-around solution. Thank you so much for your patience as we work through it.

In closing, if you feel like you would like to engage with the Sith Raid with this team in the short term, be advised that the interaction will be removed/modified in the new year.
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