Quit stopping HSTR solo runs



  • So essentially hey make it easier so we dont have to play as long as the top tier players to get top tier stuff....
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    As a player in a 160m+Gp guild we all worked for months on squads to take down hstr it is tough and it is a struggle but building the teams and seeing the progress each raid is where the fun lies. we now tear through it in 3-4 hours. I have a maxed out gr12 zzc3po but I wouldn’t dream of using in p3 where is the fun in that using a glitch to earn what players have worked months for just isn’t right I’m with CG on this

    With the same logic, you should rework CLS and all the other toons that allows you to solo Rancor and HAAT.

    We have been clearing HSTR since months now, there is no fun anymore.
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    The ONLY team viable really is Chex Mix outside of the the new ZFinn team that needs gearing and mixing. The old setup with zombie is pretty hard to set up and isn’t a guarantee to work.


    Bounty and the Beast is easy to run (RNG notwithstanding) and easily nets twice that of Chex Mix.

    I have found Deathstorm much easier to set up with the new zombie prior to the isolation bug. It still works fine now though and since they labeled it a bug they intend to fix it. You can generate 10x the Chex Mix score, I often do 10-20% and have done 30%. In fact I did 30% after the bug hit.

    I don't have Aurra Sing but she's supposed to be able to do very good damage consistently.

    7* Chewbacca isn’t readily available to everyone yet since his first pass caught a lot of people off guard with the gear requirements. So that isn’t usable to most yet.

    Deathstorm like you said is bugged.

    The gear requirements were obvious if you bothered to read about the event. I'm not a spender and I did it by strategic farming and hoarding. And he's coming back this month anyway, at which point anyone should have him except for new players who aren't in an hSTR guild anyway.

    Deathstorm is not bugged enough to make a difference other than an increase in RNG. I did my personal best with it after it became bugged.
    My whole point is that the only readily available team is Chex for everyone and adding a single team that can actually solo a single phase isn’t a big deal. The raid has been out for almost a whole year. At this point there should be parts that can be solo’ed.

    Hard disagree with your point. I built up teams. Other people can too. Go farm Aurra and start using your 7* Chewie next week.

    I built up teams as well. I have a G12 RJT squad to tackle P1. I have General Wampa ready for P2. P4 i have NS ready to take out DN.

    My BH are ready now with Bossk starred and zeta’d to G12, as is Bobba. My other BH are G10 and 11.

    You can disagree all you want, that’s fine. But if people farmed the same teams I did, idc if they can do big damage in P3. I already have Traya and at G12+. I’m more so waiting for when I can start to need less commitment to a raid with awful rewards outside of the top 10.

  • I’m more so waiting for when I can start to need less commitment to a raid with awful rewards outside of the top 10.

    When you consider that guild members are making sacrifices of time, their own desires in-game, crystals, money, and more to beat this raid that has crappy rewards for anyone who is not the top of the top, it makes me wonder what is the point? Frankly, I’m not really sure why everyone is so keen to beat it. To me, the rewards are insufficiently enticing for the costs and effort required. I foresee much griping about rewards imbalance when we start clearing heroic. But the guild wants to do it, so I do the team player thing.

    The only reservation I have about this loop is that it’s on a part of the raid I actually like, so a part I enjoy would get breezed by in order to go back to less fun. But if it finishes this blasted raid, I could live with it.

    I realized I should have mentioned that I started playing a couple weeks before STR was released, so this is coming from someone who has heard endless harping for months about a raid, knowing what all I’d have to unlock to get there. All of my resources in-game go to this raid. ALL of them. I finally got fed up and decided I was going to take my 5* chewie to 7* next week for ME, and played accordingly. Bounty hunters are enjoyable anyway, so they’ve been fun to build up. And they’re also good for STR, sure, but I want my Chewie maxed first. It’s a pleasant counter to the blah feelings I had about having to get JTR, so much so that I don’t enjoy her now, and resist using her. Maybe after the holidays my feelings will change, but I thought I should make it clear that, for someone who started not long before STR was introduced, this thing is draining.

  • Seriously what's the point? The sith raid has been out for 9 months and there are currently two types of guilds: guilds who clear HSTR and those who don't. If a guild can already clear HSTR, Finn saves a few hours on clearing time. If a guild can't clear HSTR, guess what, they still can't. Sure Finn can clear P3 but those guilds still can't beat P1 or P4.
    This fix is entirely unnecessary and succeeds in only annoying the player base. Furthermore, if history is a guide, the devs with create 3 problems trying to solve this one non problem.
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