C3P0 Nerf discussion

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I've been obsessing over this topic ever since that STR p3 solo video came out. As a legendary character, I think it's important that c3p0 stays raid viable after whichever direction is taken for the infinite-loop fix.

People have talked about buffing treya or nerfing Finn, but I haven't really heard anyone talk about correcting the root-cause: C3P0's kit. It's assumed that a Nerf to a new, legendary character would not be we'll received (which is understandable) but I'm concerned that any of the ideas thrown around so far would honestly hurt C3P0's value more than a direct Nerf of his kit.

If the rebel 'expose-on-basic' mechanic is unchanged, a fix to treya will need to be significant to make certain excellent potency mods can't achieve infinite loop status. I suspect that a change like this will leave the finn-rebel team non-viable for heroic raid. If they Nerf Finn's leader, I'm certain the same will be true. What purpose, then, will c3p0 serve? How much value will his kit bring as a replacement in JTR squad phase1? (Seems the most likely place to use him, any other suggestions? Ewok team somewhere?)

The whole idea of C3P0's kit is about promoting cross faction squads, it seems silly then to completely negate such a great synergy team between resistance and rebels. (Not to mention its nice to have Finn become relevant again)

With all that said, I am really hoping that the devs decide instead to apply a modest Nerf directly to C3P0's kit. If the expose chance on rebel basic was reduced simply to 90% instead of 100%, the full TM loop on c3p0 would be reduced to something along the lines of 70%. Finns leader could stay the same, treya could stay the same. Finn-rebel team would continue to work (and probably be great)but would not be able to solo p3.

What do y'all think?
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  • TL;DR

    make a small tweak to expose chance on C3P0's unique to negate the infinite loop while keeping the Finn-rebel team valid and hSTR unchanged
  • Sorry you came up with a common sense change to fix the issue. Massive nerf from CG incoming. Gotta protect traya and revan, they make all the money.
  • Olddumper wrote: »
    Sorry you came up with a common sense change to fix the issue. Massive nerf from CG incoming. Gotta protect trayaTreya and revanRevanue, they make all the money.

    There you go, fixed those grammatical errors for you
  • Just make it so the cooldown of "Oh My Goodness" special cannot be reduced and the loop dies.
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    Yeah that works too but I feel like it would break the team in a similar fashion.

    I feel like my proposal would correct what I agree is a broken, unintended game mechanic, while staying true to the spirit of what they were trying to accomplish with 3p0s kit
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