Simplifying Bronzium Pack Purchases - Saving a LOT of time.

G'day everyone,

Just wanting to address how ridiculously long it takes to get some bronzium cards with currency.
Since they sometimes give cool shards, gear and even characters I reckon some people other than me want to do this.

Can we simplify it and make it the same as how we normally farm battle nodes with energy.

For instance: Set to 20 Battles > Receive 20 battle rewards in 1 action.

This would save a lot of time and I am pretty confused why this wasn't addressed sooner.
Are they in a way discouraging us from buying bronzium packs from the store?


  • ooooo yes
    i fully agree and would like to have a button to open X pack in 1 time, to not have to clic 100000 time on buy again ^^
  • Kyno
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    Intentionally discouraging is not exactly the situation.

    They have stated that since tournaments when they put more ally coins out for all of us and then removed tournaments, this puts us in a situation that our stockpile of coins is too large and bronzium was never designed to be pulled in that quantity.

    They are looking at other avenues to help us burn them, step one was the weekly shipment.
  • Would be nice to put something like a multi-sim, and even more, use the sim cards. Now with the fleet, there are a flood of these. I have returned to the game on december/18, with 0 of these, and now i am with 4k and rising. Its a good use, so we can zero it again. Its something that they can profit in trade with us having a easier time to trade the huge amount of ally points
  • Agreed. I feel like I’m going to have a seizure after about 20 clicks
  • injustsolo wrote: »
    Agreed. I feel like I’m going to have a seizure after about 20 clicks

    I stopped doing that a long time ago lol. Just do it once for the daily activity done. Its not worth the nerve
  • Seen this requested in multiple threads, please add a slider to set set how many ally points to spend in one go.
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