Jango vs boba which is the better bounty hunter?

I've been running boba fett in my bh team forever since he is relatively good at keeping himself alive and his attack arsenal is effective. However with the release of jango I'm not sure which of the 2 are the best. Sure some of their skills are similar by a small margin but which fett is the best?


  • Depends, Boba under Bossk is better, though most other cases including leading I'd go Jango
  • Movies: Boba is clearly ahead.
    SWGoH: Jango is in the lead.
  • Both these bh are the most versatile. They can ignore taunt, do massive damage and use/recover their bounty hunters resolve.
  • Gannon
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    As someone who's used Boba since starting, jango is the better pick if you had to pick just one. He is essentially the same, but without need of a zeta. Also there's defense penetration, which helps.
    And although both lead skills can be good, jango lead can destroy debuff reliant teams liked Sith much easier, and also stop tm gain reliant ones like droids and first order. It's more diverse.
  • Yeah jengo lead is better if u can reach payout but other than that boba. Accessible tops of cake but use both shouldn’t be choosing one the revive abilities make both irritating to fight together lol.
  • I vote Jango.
  • The real question is why are you picking just one or the other? If it's for 3v3, I'd go with Boba. The most general purpose BH squad is usually Bossk/Dengar/Boba/Embo/Jango. The first 3 are pretty much required. Bossk obviously as the meat shield, and Dengar is key from a mechanics perspective ( his aoe gives ten down, detonators, anti-stealth, 50% enemy squad-wise TM reduction, and 50% or more health/prot regen under zBossk ). Boba will give you a very quick AB block and debuffs to cripple the enemy quickly, and those debuffs also boost Jango's damage on his basic ( which is important when Dengar starts calling in assists on debuffed enemies or while he's stealthed)

    The last two slots are kind of plug and play, but once payouts pop, Embo and jango really take off more than the others. Dispel on basic from Embo, and anti-revive from Jango are very very useful in PvP.

    Jango and Boba have a lot of synergy together, no matter if you use Bossk or jango lead ( or any other for that matter).
  • Rath_Tarr wrote: »
    Movies: Boba is clearly ahead.
    SWGoH: Jango is in the lead.

    This doesn't help the original question, but Jango is way better than Boba in the movies. Boba has less than 5 minutes of screentime, and does nothing but get eaten by a Sarlaac. Jango has more screentime, more lines, more battles, more galactic importance, and a debatably more fitting death. Boba has been over-hyped for years, and really his most important contribution was being popular enough to make them create Jango.
  • Jango, i would say, but depends on if you want speed or health.
    Get good and get a Revan. Ryanwhales
  • Jarvind
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    Does it have to be one or the other? My ideal general-purpose BH team would include both.
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