HSR guild killer?

So just curious how many guilds have been killed because of the HSR? This for me has been the most challenging year for guilds and that is due in large part to the HSR. No raid has been so toon demanding and challenging than the HSR has been. I think what has hurt so many guilds by HSR is total guild participation and the number of certain teams needed by each guild member to complete every stage of the raid. Those members in a guild that have strong rosters only stay patient so long before they decide to leave the guild for a guild that is completing HSR. After all Traya shards are probably that most sought after shards in the game.


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    I stayed as did most of our top players. We lost one I think, maybe two.

    Unlocking Traya next weekend.
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  • officer in a 1.5hrs long HStr guild. we've developed our HStr roster all on our own. two players left for traya farm, all of us now have 7, 6 and 5* trayas, almost all of us developed and re-developed our rosters to be able to do this. a lot of officers work was put into mentoring rest of the players, tracking their progress and reacting where it was needed - no kicks were allowed. so, there is work to be done.
    so, two players left on their own, better players replaced them, and that raid turned out not to be a problem. where there's a good atmosphere, there's no problem
  • Our guild was decimated. We were a 125M GP guild that could get into P3 in the spring. Then Traya started showing up in Arena and we bottomed out around 75M GP as folks went to HSTR ready guilds (if you can't beat them, join them I guess). We're now back up to 110M GP and, thanks largely to Revan as well as some focused team development, planning to do an HSTR check in a couple of weeks.

    We were set back 6 to 9 months...
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    As some other commented on a similar subject last summer:

    When some guilds are weakened and split up new guilds are formed and others strengthened.
  • HSR rewards kinda skew towards the top players only, if you are not top 3, it's not good, and out of top 10 it's not even worth it. This is of course once traya shards are worthless to you.

    If a HSR rostered player is smart and want to put in some effort, they could easily jump into a guild that's still struggling to clear HSR, and always take top 3 to maximize gear rewards. But then of course will suffer in TB and TW.
  • The guild I joined actually died
    All the triumvirate capable guilds were filled because I made the mistake of sticking out until the guild was disbanded
    My current I'm happy with though
  • My guild is not that strict. We are working towards HSR but are not that close yet. We still take a couple days to a week to finish tier 6. With a couple of the current new legendaries though and good officers in my guild we are slowly striving towards that goal. We are laid back but dedicated.
  • This is why you join a guild that's focused on growing and helping each other out rather than trying to push all members to go for the latest toon.
  • My guild died as well. We were 3 months in and not even close.

    Im not in this game to gwt behind. When we failed with mercs I was done. 130mil guild crashed to 40 mil...
  • We had to merge with another guild. It was a rocky month and a lot of people jumped ship, but in the end we went from 100m to 130m and we now have HSTR on farm.
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