My R2D2 Team, which zeta next? UPDATE

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I managed to snag both R2-D2 and Commander Luke Skywalker this event.

Thanks for all the help!

R2D2 Team

Still working on my R2D2 Team. Who would benefit more from getting their leader zeta?

Darth Vader or Emperor Palpatine?

Any other general advice is welcome. Working on getting everyone to G9.
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  • Slaveen
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    I think zVader lead is best for HTP and TB but zPalp lead is best for pretty much everything else (all PvP, HSTR, HAAT, etc).

    For the R2 event, I don’t think you need a Zeta on either of their leader abilities but I could be wrong - I still need to 7* my R2 as well. But I’m planning on doing it with no Zeta’ed leader abilities for my Empire team.

    At least from what I’ve read / heard. So it really depends what your priorities are.
  • No zetas needed. G9 with Palp makes it a breeze. Don't over prepare unless they're your arena team anyway.
  • I have been a casual player for a long time. I don't have any of the big characters. I still need everyone.

    After spending some time on the forums, it looks like I should do R2D2 7* before Commander Luke Skywalker to get me started.

    I still need:
    Commander Luke Skywalker
    General Kenobi
    Grand Admiral Thrawn
    Jedi Knight Revan
    R2D2 7*

    Pretty much every toon locked behind an event or raid.

    Trying figure out an order start off to close the gap.
  • Vendi1983
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    If you don't have them - farm Phoenix. They'll unlock Palpatine when they're G7 and Thrawn between G8 & G9. You'll then have 2/5 of a great Empire team team done. Vader and Tarkin should be farmed for their ships. For the 5th you can add whomever you like. Most times it's TIE Fighter Pilot again because of his ship.

    That nets you R2D2.

    Farm Stormtrooper Han & Leia from Squad store. Old Ben and Farmboy from Cantina etc. Then you're ready for CLS with them at G8+ (push for G9 R2, Han and Leia).

    From there you need to choose which legendary to go for next.

    Edit - checked your roster. You are pretty much ready for CLS just a star short on Farmboy and R2. Palp is already 7*. So you should net the Droid next time! Pretty much good to go. If you can get Farmboy to 7* you should unlock both during their simultaneous events! Good luck!
  • Thanks! I am working on Farmboy now. Should have him to 7*s soon.
  • Got them both, now the question is where too next :-)
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