Grand Arena Tactical Genius Challenge WAI?

I was wondering what classifies as a 'unique' buff on the challenge, gain unique buffs 20 times. I had put backup plan on ezra and gotten one point, but then I noticed Admiral Ackbar's tactical genius ability was unique... I applied that to whole team but nothing happened, please help, how do I complete this challenge
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  • The buff needs to have a lock on it for it to count.
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    To iterate further, this would be unique buffs such as Call To Action and Bounty Hunter's Resolve.
    Not included would be those such as Translation or Prepared, and obviously things such as Fracture and Isolated.
    I think the confusion from this challenge is the fact that both items like Master's Training and Secret Intel are both said to be "unique buffs", yet only those that cannot be dispelled or removed are counted for the challenge.
  • I got this yesterday.....dunno how I did tbh lol
  • Would Bastilla's protection up count?
    "When life gives you lemons, throw them at someone"
  • I figured a unique buff is any sort of non-normal buff. Translation, Call to Action, Bounty Hunter’s Resolve etc. Locks don’t typically make thing classify as unique buffs although they are common signs or them. Locks signify that a buff or debuff cannot be dispelled. Although Bastila’s Protection Up cannot be dispelled, it is simply 200% Protection Up, not a unique buff. The best way to find if it is a unique buff is to look in a character’s kit and if a buff is either colored in yellow text or if it need to elaborate on what the buff is. An example is C-3PO’s Protocol Droid Unique ability. It tells what the ability does and then below that it elaborates on what Translation is.
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