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so, now that Ive geared my PS to G9 and 7* I was wondering what I should focus next on in order to finish the next idividual event..since most likely I wont get CLS this time, what would would be your reccomendation?

focus on BH team? FO? Empire? Jedi? not really sure what to prioritize atm...


  • Hi ..i would say go for Grand Master Yoda.
  • Waqui
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    While farming Phoenix, you should also farm a couple of scoundrels for Credit Heists. You will need those credits to develop your roster. F.ex. farming Boba Fett's hard node doesn't interfere with your Phoenix farming. Farming Biggs' hard nodes will be a good preparation for when you unlock ships at level 60. After unlocking ships, if you focus on Tarkin as fleet commander, you will also have him available for unlocking R2D2 later on.
  • In addition to the scoundrel suggestion above, I'd suggest you work toward a 7* Empire team, which will be needed to get R2D2 (who, in turn, helps you get CLS).
  • Like said above your first priority is a scoundrel team. You need the credits from credit heist.
    Then I'd slowly work at the teams for the legendary characters.
    -First Order
    -Bounty Hunters
    I'd start with empire, they will unlock you R2-D2, and together with Leia, ST Han, Old Ben and Luke farmboy they will get you CLS. You also want to focus on Bounty Hunters right now since they are one of the top teams and are needed for Chewbacca, who can be paired with CLS. After that I'd either start working on First Order and Resistance so you can unlock JTR and have a team for her, both factions are very solid and can be used in a lot of different places, or you can go for Jedi first and Old Republic toons to get Revan.
    You could farm Ewoks but I'd say the other teams above are a higher priority right now.
    After you finished the top teams you can work on other viable teams, for example Sith, Nightsisters or Imperial Troopers. Good Luck!
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    The main reason Phoenix is recommended as the first faction to farm is because they get you both Thrawn and Palpatine, who in turn can be used on your Empire team to get R2D2, who in turn is needed for Commander Luke.

    As others have mentioned, having some serviceable Scoundrels to beat Credit/Droid heists is also a good idea. They don't need to be super geared up- I think mine were g8-g9 when I first beat the final tier, and it wasn't a super amazing team either.
  • I see, thx guys for the help
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    Go jedi or empire. If you r good enough can beat multiple teams with empire vs limited teams with jedi u would have to rely on other teams to move up.

    U don’t need to invest in scoundrels early I soloed credit hiest with g10 7* boba fett and ebo leadership rest of bounty hunters not even g7 maybe 3* where they were unlock and minimal abilities they died by second battle but allowed me to get credits.
  • One of the important things to do is to get into an active guild.

    The HPit will get you Han Solo with him and Boba Fett at g9 you’ll beat the last tier of the credit heist.
    When you’re finished with Tarkin in the squad arena shop start working on Stormtrooper Han, Leia and then Greedo.

    You’ll want a dark side team that looks like this:

    Palp, Vader, Thrawn, Tarkin, and Tie Fighter pilot, this is a temporary squad arena team

    Their main function will be to get you Revan by unlocking the dark side nodes and the harder cantina nodes. You’ll want this entire team at g10 early on and g12 later. Their ships will carry you through the fleet arena while you unlock the bounty hunter ships and the Phoenix Squad ships.

    The game is starting to come down to choosing which path to go down. Good Bounty Hunters, Ewoks, and JTR are long farms that all conflict with each other. So it’s hard to say do this, this and this because once you commit to one thing something else will get pushed back for months.

    If you follow Warrior on You Tube he’s going to put out a new updated farming guide pretty soon.
  • If the scoundrels that you farm for Credit Heist events are also smugglers, you can use them for the Smuggler's Run event too, which gives you some extra credits. You only need 3 smugglers with gear 5-6 to easily clear tier 2.

    You'll have 2 once you unlock Event Chewie and Raid Han. But if you don't want to wait until then (or until you're forced to farm Veteran Han & Chewie for Jedi Rey), Qui'ra is on an early Cantina node, Young Han can be picked up from the Guild Store, and Vandor Chewbacca is on an early DS node. All 3 perform pretty well alongside bounty hunters in mixed scoundrel teams, especially Vandor Chewie.
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