Fleet territory reduced value

I'm enjoying the new Grand Arena, but I don't understand why CG made the fleet territory worth less.

When Fleets 2.0 was announced, there was all sorts of talk and excitement which has clearly not panned out, but to actively punish those players that stuck with fleets seems counter intuitive to me.

In the current Grand Arena, all my opponents have matched me closely in total GP, but I've had over 200K more GP in ships and the reverse in characters. I have no problem with this situation as people choose to play the game the way they like. What bothers me is that I've worked on my fleets and can win on both defense and offense, but get 115 fewer points than my opponents who clears the character territories.

To be clear, I'm not moaning about losing, I've done well enough in this last war. I won my first two and lost the third, and it's doubtful I could have beat my opponent even if the territory points were the same. Their character squads were well formed and they had a very focused roster.

It was disappointing though knowing I had no chance as soon as I saw them clear the character territory. Even if I won the same number of battles it wouldn't have mattered since I couldn't make up the 115 points without clearing the character territory.

This scoring system just further devalues Fleets in the game. It's hard enough to compete in Grand Arena if you're a collector, but to further hamper players because they also choose to collect ships seems especially harsh.
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