GA and March making

Why is grand arena matching so one sided..I understand it is to award stronger offense/ but why isn't it against players of same caliper. Not just GP....shouldn't it be based on Number of zatas, number of g12 toons, as well as GP.

My GA have been so lop sided... mostly on the Zata count side..greatly out numbered in most cases I'm talking 30-100% difference. In laymen's terms..I have 27 zatas..but I'm matched vs players 33-47...g12 toons outnumber mine by 10....but we share the GP.

I am not asking to be matched against someone with less then myself either. I want a fair challenge..same all accross the will still win the other will still lose. Why at present moment is it so one sided..

I'm not a FTP player..I'm not a whale I fall somewhere in the middle whale side leaning.

Just trying to understand.


  • Kyno
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    There are many debates on this.

    GP is a measure of how much we have invested into a character. So your total GP is how much you have invested into your roster based on the choices you made, you end up with some level of combat effectiveness in your roster. That's all on the players choices.

    It is a decently fair system to be matched this way and let the players choices show through in the battles.
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    And I owe apology...the difference between this forum and the last one is hugely different...I now realize how difficult your job is..and I see that I as wrong.

    I understand your point..and can agree with it....but as I stated above they are not even slightly matched..the 2 that I did win were mismatched but not so huge they couldn't be overcome...the rest I have no chance..I despite my roster build..the Zata count can not be overcome..which is more of a testament to the other players longevity...then luck and skill building thier rosters.
  • All of my GA match making has been very close and fair. But that's me.
  • TRanger
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    And I hear mixed stores in my guild as well..some.have had very close matches some.have out matched ,..that's good..but my matching has almost felt like climbing a wall..but I have to do it upside down to get to the top. But my GP comes.from maxing my toons for TW so others in the guild which didn't have a lot of strong toons wouldn't need to set all they had on defense and still.had something to attack with. It's been this way..a toon gear and level.grab to maximize that strategy is being penalized. And alot of money invested in getting toons to 7 star and g7-9. And now for want didn't help.
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