Juhani. Some questions.

First up, is juhani as amazing as she looks? Seems to me like she has the potential to kick a lot of **** with jedi (looks like she gets a mini saviour every time her health goes below 100%), both under revan or bastilla. Is this the case? I haven't really seen anything from the gamechangers or on the forums about her except for a little bit when she released, about her kit.

Secondly, do we know when she's due out? Shipments and/or ftp? Because for the reasons above I want her.


  • 3 months from launch to farm.
    She's kind of eh.
  • Ill only worry about her once its panic farm time
  • Ultra
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    I’m interested in testing her under Carth Lead as a 5th slot. Someone mentioned her kit works well as the 5th unit and interested in seeing that
  • She works great with big z...when she goes stealth, big z will then taunt
  • Tarah
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    better under Revan (gk slot) or carth?
  • she's got some survivability , but doesn't bring a lot else. So she's competing for a spot with Old Ben, and Gk in jedi teams. given that she doesn't bring dps or the ability bock/offense down that the other 2 do, she's 3rd string. Maybe she can work under carth, but I don't have them in a position to work that out.
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    Try this, super fun.
  • Ultra
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    I feel like canderous has an awful zeta
  • Tarah
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    Ultra wrote: »
    I feel like canderous has an awful zeta

    I think so toom my plain is to Z only carth mission and big Z
  • Juhani doesn’t bring a whole lot to your team. I’d rather use another tank like GK or OB.
  • The team phoenixeon referenced above is awesome
  • Well from a lot of experience, I can tell you Juhani is a bit of a toss up on how effective she is. For the most part shes a meh tank, if you go up against anyone who can clear the taunt you have to wait 4 turns to re-use. Her basic is best if paired with T3-M4 or Canderous, as it only looks to see how many enemies are de-buffed and not how many de-buffs are present. If you have her zeta, she pairs extremely well with Zaalbar or Kenobi because they'll pick up the taunt once she loses protection then she'll regain protection and be ready to use her 2nd special to start tanking again in a few turns and have some decent burst damage in the mean time.

    In short shes a good off-tank provided that you have another one that auto taunts like Zaalbar or Kenobi but outside of that she struggles. Her kit is in constant conflict with trying to tank vs dealing damage so modding can be a bit of a struggle.

    I've had the most luck with her under a Carth lead (makes the most of her basic since he call for assists). She brings more to that team then she really does for a Revan squad because her passive and special both look at Jedi or Old Republic tags. So she helps your old republic team from getting CC'd into the ground.

    She usually takes the 5th spot of my Old Republic team; which is Carth Lead, Zaalbar, Mission, Canderous and Juhani.
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    I feel like canderous has an awful zeta

    Its only good against tanks that have auto taunt like Sion, GK, Zaalbar and Sith trooper. Otherwise anyone going against the team will just wait to taunt till necessary. Also the zeta might get better if we see anyone else released in the near future that has deathmark or marked. (Outside of Revan and Deathtrooper)
  • I absolutely love using the team that @Phoenixeon posted. It is my favorite team in the game right now. Zjuhani is really good, I don’t regret her zeta at all. However, like a few people said here, she doesn’t work well outside if that Zaalbar relationship with her. She’s also the only cleanser and stunner for the old republic team. Great character in my opinion. Are their better characters? Sure, of course there are. But juhani is just amazing as well.
  • Jarvind
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    She seems really good for a Carth OR team, and pretty "eh" otherwise.
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