Change of scenery for territory battles

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edited January 2019
As the title says. Given that this year is supposed to be in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the clone wars, I just thought a change of scenery might make things a little more interesting. Hopefully it could even come along with a change of character bonuses and a new character prize to replace Rebel Officer Leia Organa for short while. It be can set Genosis, for example, with bonuses to galactic republic and separatist troops, and padame amindala as a prize.

With so many battles in Star Wars it would be nice to have a few different settings, with different character bonuses, and different characters exclusive prizes, and then just simply rotate around them in a 3 or 4 month period.
1st month setting from prequel trilogy
2nd month setting from original trilogy
3rd month setting from sequel trilogy
4th month setting from the Old Republic
Obviously the shard quantity for exclusive characters would have to be adjusted as well though. Anyway I know this is work but it doesn’t have to happen over night it could happen like the legendary and hero challenges, just add them over time.
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