Phase 3 Sith Raid Bug?

Does anyone else have the problem of Phase 3 of the sith raid buggin out? Sometimes when one of my characters attacks or does some sort of ability all of the characters end up just kinda of standing there unable to do anything afterwards. I can't take any actions, I cant retreat from battle or anything. Pressing the auto button does nothing and I end up having to force close the app. I've had to do it 3 times in the past hour and it's getting on my nerves now. I know of one other guild mate that has experienced this but havent heard of anyone else having to deal with it. I notice it mostly happens whenever assists are called with my characters.


  • Loky
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    It's happened to me a couple times too, and also happened to me in TB a couple times in the past
  • iirc it has to do with assist attacks that deal a finishing blow on the last saber which then leads to a topple phase. So a swarm attack by Talzin on the last saber could crash your run. Has been reported a long time ago and yet to be fixed.
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  • Danubiss
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    It happens to me all the time in Tb, arena, fleet arena and sometimes the sith raid. It’s pretty annoying having to force close the app and do it again when you’re one move away from a win in arena.
  • T5 P3: Skill buttons vanished, had to close and restart.
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  • T5 P3: Skill buttons vanished, had to close and restart.

    Yup thats the one, very annoying especially when you are finishing up a solid p2 run then it glitches out when you reach p3
  • @CG_SBCrumb are you guys aware of this bug? If so, any possible progress on knowing what is causing it?
  • Kokie
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    Been happening for awhile
  • Yes had the same issue with deathstorm on p3 and also imperial troopers p3, both in tier 5 and 6 of the sith
  • Kyno
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