Ways to invigorate the rest of the game

I am inspired by the Thanos Snap approach to TW. It's genius. So I wanted to make a list of suggestions on how to incorporate across more modes.

The Pit: Everyone knows it's a simple, joke of a raid at this point. Why not freshen it up by banning all toons above G6. That will force completely new teams and new theory-crafting. It will be great.

The Tank: We all know you need a little bit more leeway with the tank, so let's up the limit to G9.

HSTR: Resistance Teams and NS teams are so yesterday. Let's ban them. People will need to theory craft new teams here. It will be great.

Arena: It's so stale. Same people, same teams every day. Look, my Revan v. Yours. So lets change it to a monthly elimination. You get to use a character just once in a month. That will shake things up. Look, it's the 31st, O kitten, I got CUP and Uggie left, looks like place 2187 for me.

I know, Let's ban 1/2 the Phoenix and Rogue one toons from the TB missions that require them. Think of the challenge. Can Bistan lead? Will Pao's scream save me? Do I need to zeta Bodhi?

Banning toons is such a great way to inspire new teams and freshen things up. Banning is the Mother of all Invention, or was that necessity, ahh, who cares anyway.
Do or Do not.

DarthBarron (Kevin, aka KevWalker)


  • TVF
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    Lol I sort enjoy the idea of an elimination arena.

  • TVF wrote: »
    Lol I sort enjoy the idea of an elimination arena.

    You know, after writing it tongue-in-cheek, I had the same reaction. I would screw with the current format, but a mode like that could be fun.
    Do or Do not.

    DarthBarron (Kevin, aka KevWalker)
  • Someone give this man a @CG_ tag, the freshest of ideas *thunderous applause*
  • If they implement that I swear to god....
  • TVF
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    Bigslow wrote: »
    If they implement that I swear to god....

    What? You'll threaten to quit? Just like all the other people here that threaten to quit and then come back in a week to threaten it again?

    Good stuff.
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    Why your “fresh” idea comes somehow from the recent ban issued on TW. You’re a genius. So by any chance all this will happen, we’ll have half of toons banned and half of toons useless. Not to mention some players might start later with some toons as they tried something else. Not everyone swims. So yeah give him the CG tag. He will fit perfectly! :)
  • I would be a big fan of this. Banning teams I have spent 6 months farming is one of my biggest motivators in the game. I would prefer it if we excluded more teams more often.
  • Best part of that would be every player that don't have toons left under G10 couldn't raid anymore. Perfect ! lol
  • Horrible idea, putting it nicely.
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