What direction do I go? A mid-game player's crisis

Man, have I become active on here. I feel like a mid-game crisis complements my current mid-life crisis well enough, though. What direction do I go, the question I've asked myself countless times in every facet of life, lately?

I appreciate all the helpful suggestions I've been receiving in a couple of my other threads. This one has a different slant on it. I'm looking to the future now. This was touched on a bit in my arena team thread, but I'm going to get a little more specific to heroes here. I just obtained CLS, had been stockpiling gear for higher levels, only to realize I've hit a G7 bottleneck, of all things, so am not racing on him anymore, I'm giving some of the saved gear to Thrawn since it's going to be a minute now, for CLS. But looking forward, we have a lot of farming of toons I have no real interest in farming to obtain more useful characters, and I wonder where to direct my focus, as I'm not end game enough to have the luxury of spreading the wealth all over. Or is there simply a logical progression (first you get CLS, then JTR, then Revan, then...)? When I started all this months ago, it was simple. I would get CLS, then JTR. Now we have Revan, and all this talk of Jedi Luke, and I'm a bit unsure of next steps.

So, here it is.... do I go for Revan next? Is JTR still worth getting (of course she's badass, but at this point, should I be prioritizing her over other heroes)? Or do I plan for the future meta toon Jedi Luke we all seem to think is on the horizon (or somewhere out there anyway) by working on my BHs and Ewoks to get the Wookie and C3PO and hope it pays off? I'm currently 7*ing my last few Phoenix to top off Thrawn, but am sort of open to new directions beyond that. I was advised, previously, which is not bad advice regarding my Arena team, to keep building nightmare, which means I'd be focusing on Nihilus next to sub in at the right star and gear level, and then... I don't know.... not sure I'm ready to jump guilds any time soon, I still have to build some better STR teams before I'd probably be considered to join a HSTR guild, but Traya would be a long play to add. In the meantime, on that, though, I'd have to build my NS team, and some other toons, which would be its own direction as that's a lot of resources to commit (my NS is basically, on average, 3* lvl 50, though I have unlocked all the big ones, MT, Ventress, Daka, zombie, and could play with Talia or spirit right now).

Thanks for all the help. I know some of you have a much broader perspective of the game, being I've only played a bit over a year, and can see overarching trends better than myself, as well as having a better perspective on the usefulness of certain toons over others. I also don't know if raids should be a bigger focus for me, or if continuing to focus on major toons, or focusing on arena rank, is the way to go. There are so many pieces to the game, it gets to be hard to prioritize at times, especially mid game, when you start to see all the doors laid out before you, and have to choose one or two to open.


  • First question that is likely the most important , what do YOU want to do, and use, squadwise?

    Ideally personal preference should be accommodated when possible , otherwise, where’s the fun?
  • Juzz
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    STR teams include RJT and NS. Both take time and resources at the point you're at.

    If I were on your position I'd make a list of what I want to have and the gear level I want to achieve. (Say g9 for the Phoenix as needd for thrawn) After that, create 4 priorities and put the toons of rd list on each priority, with no more than 10 chars on each. P1 and P2 would be were you are going to spend more resources on, 3 and 4 can get some resources but will be supported to P1 and P2. Once you finish P1 and P2. P3 and P4 will be your P1 and P2.

    Stick to your priorities until done or you'll end up will half done chars with low real use.

    Whatever direction you go in the and, don't forget o do the same with ships in order to get z materials and be able to get crystals from ship arena.
  • First question that is likely the most important , what do YOU want to do, and use, squadwise?

    Ideally personal preference should be accommodated when possible , otherwise, where’s the fun?

    Not going to disagree, but I guess I have more fun when not getting walked all over, too. Winning can be fun in its own way.

    I like my Empire/Sith team, it does some good damage, I still get to smile occasionally at the other team barely getting a turn, and since I recently popped in Sion for Tarkin, I'm enjoying playing with him a bit. Thing is, I haven't had a chance to play much with other factions because they're so underdeveloped. I may post a suggestion, now that I think of this, to CG that we have some sort of open play day in Events. You can just play with the meta from each faction. I might love NS, but I won't know because I haven't put the resources in. I don't want to spend all the time and resources over months to get them playable only to find out I hate them. Granted they're useful for raids, but it's a matter of priorities. Hence this thread, to a point. I'd also rather be winning with a team, even if I don't love them, because if I lose AND dislike them, well then, ****, what a waste.

    It's not that I don't enjoy the game anymore, but most of the joy comes from unlocking new toons or getting a difficult toon I've been working on for a while to be playable (like developing Sion over a long while to finally have him in my Arena line up). But mostly, this game is ... well, if I want to be really cynical, I'll quote another player saying that 'it's like Farmville' now. Login every day, sim everything, collect your rewards, close app. I wish I could spend more time on strategy, but with such limited resources, and it taking SO LONG to get basic pieces of gear and ****, it ends up being almost all grind an nothing more. I think the game has lost a lot of its luster now that I'm sort of "stuck in the middle." I'm way past all the joys of new player unlocks, and just at the point where I have a lot of things, but nothing is developed enough to use anywhere in the game. I have few, if any, solid raid squads (I have guildmates putting up 45M damage in STR, while I do maybe 2M if I'm on it), I hold on to a middling 500 rank in Arena, I don't have any of the new shiny toons (no Chewbacca, 3PO, Revan, etc.), and haven't unlocked the truly meta ones many of my counterparts have (like Traya). So, every day is quite blah in the world of SWGOH, these days. I guess that's why I'm looking for a new direction, because maybe I'll find it gives me a little more joy again, though the endless grind for simple things is getting old at this point. Having CLS stalled at G7 over some flippin' ched coms, GK stalled over Carbantis at G7... **** like that gets SO OLD. Even when I do unlock something new and shiny, it's MONTHS before they're at a point I can use them (saying like G11, because at my stage, if they're not there, they're not doing much in any team for anything).
  • Juzz wrote: »
    and put the toons of rd list on each priority, with no more than 10 chars on each. P1 and P2 would be were you are going to spend more resources on.

    @Juzz Not sure what you meant by "rd," but this seems like pointed advice, so I want to make sure I understand it, because it's just the sort of thing that can help me determine direction. Can you please clarify? Thanks!

    And let's say I determine I want to get my NS team to 6* G10 to be useable. That's five toons, they can all fit onto P1, then, right? So, I could use those along with CLS to G10, GK to G10, Thrawn to 7*, plus two more, let's say. Am I getting this right? And then that's where I focus all resources? Thing is, with that, Thrawn to 7* means five other toons... so... I guess it's doing it wrong, I'm just writing as a I think, it looks more like four Phoenix to 7*, NS to G10 and upped star count, and CLS to G10. Or is stars and gear a separate item on the list? I think this is good, because clearly I have trouble with focus, it took some serious locking things down to get Sion to where he is now, I remember the focus it took to get Finn to zFinn G12. Things like that. So, I appreciate the help finding a more pointed direction.
  • Juzz
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    Rd was a typo. It should be "the"
    You got it right, it's a focus helper.
    Toons in the list will get to 7*, less would be half-done and would be reincluded in the list too soon.

    So, list as you just stated will have:
    Talzin g10
    Asajj g10
    Zombie g10
    Daka g10
    NS 5th g10
    CLS g10
    Phoenix members g9

    P2 could be (to get Revan):
    Jolee g10
    Zaalbar g9
    Mission g9
    T3-M4 g9
    Bastila g10


    First make the list you want to achieve. Then prioritize, then stick to it until done P1. You can put gear on P2 while achieving P1 but not in P3 or P4.

    Search in swgoh.gg for the items of gear needed to know what you need for your priorities so you don't go buy/farm gear you don't really need for your highest priorities.

    P1, p2... doesn't need to be 10 toons, can be less but putting more than 10 toons in each will get you unfocused.

    Hope it helps :)
  • NS are incredibly valuable in all parts of the game (arena, TW/GA, DS TB, raids, Talzin event for zetas).
    I'd highly suggest to max them out.
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  • Luniz
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    I would prioritize JTR and nightsisters.
  • Jarvind
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    When in doubt, go for legendaries.

    Depending on how close you are, Revan might actually be easier to pick up than JTR, and he of course transforms the Jedi into a wrecking ball.

    JTR is definitely still worth it, though I would argue you can get by without her if you want to. She's definitely huge for the Sith raid, though you can do well in Phase 1 with an Embo-led bounty hunter team, and gearing that team up would also get you on the path to Chewbacca.

    That said, even if you don't pick up JTR for now, BB8 is pretty vital. He's useful for a variety of teams, and First Order is both an easy faction to farm and a handy team to have around.
  • Yeah, well, you know, only so many Cantina runs in a day. I need to get Ezra and Hera each one more star to 7* my Thrawn. Then I need to get two more FO toons to 7* for BB8 (so won't happen this month, that's a long wait on BB8, so I can spread out after Phoenix is done). I'm starting to look at NS a bit more, though while I know how to play against them, I'll have a bit of work figuring out the offense mechanics of that group. The BH star grind is long... Not really having much fun there. Thought I'd for sure have gotten Chewbacca this last time, but STILL haven't gotten Bossk to 5*. He's been at 4* for like two months now, and I've farmed shards daily. It's f-ing ridiculous.
  • Most importantly, pick ONE thing and stick to it until it's done. I found ships to be the most important thing for a FTP account, since there's less competition than arena and the toons required to excel aren't currently locked behind legendary. Four or five solid ships and a capital ship will keep your crystal income relatively high and enable you to make strides in other areas of the game.

    From an overall roster construction standpoint, Revan probably provides the most value. He's a five character farm (paltry when you consider the 19 toons it takes to unlock the CLS / Han / Chewie / R2 / 3PO team). You will of course need three other Jedi to unlock GMY, but you basically get those for free with the legendary requirements you already have (Old Ben for CLS and Ezra and Kanan for Phoenix). The team *only* requires five zetas to maximize its utility. It is the current arena meta, can solo Pit, can solo HAAT (per Reddit) and is the single highest damage dealing team in HSTR (once zFinn / 3PO is neutered).

    CLS is also an excellent standalone toon and works in many of the different game modes. Pairing with Ackbar, Han/Ventress, Thrawn/Hoda, and BB8 yields 20+M damage in HAAT which is usually good for top 10 depending on your guild (though that will change the next time 3PO returns and HAAT starts to look like a longer version of the Pit).

    JTR is great as well. Low arena utility these days, but high raid usefulness. Can also solo Pit, excels in P2 of HAAT, and is the de facto team for P1 of HSith (and less frustrating since the P1 Nihilus rework). Of course, you need five First Order for BB8, five Empire for R2, and of course the vets, making this a thankless farm.

    Nightsisters also have their utility, more so in PvP modes like arena, to an extent, GA, and TW. They can also do some work in HAAT (never tried them in Pit) and are primary teams in two of the HSTR phases, but Zombie and MT are long hard node farms.

    On the ships side, Bossk is king right now, and he'll be joined by his Bounty Hunter brethren soon enough (Xanadu Blood is already starting to find it's way into the top end of fleet arena). There are any number of combinations with work with him.

    In short, there are many plans that can work. The important thing is to pick one and bring it to its logical conclusion (Gear 11/12, well modded). Gear 8 toons are essentially useless in all game modes EXCEPT unlocking certain legendaries (and even then, you need more). While there are a few drop in toons that do well anywhere, you generally need to build complete squads to maximize their effectiveness. And don't forget ships, easiest way to make a crystal.
  • Clarification: You clearly don't need R2 to unlock JTR, but he's an important part of the squad which is why I included him.
  • @cannonfodder_iv And this is why I'm so conflicted. SO many options.

    I have GMY at 7*, does he work well with Revan? I guess the long farm to get toons with only hard nodes from 3* to 7*, five of them, is a long commitment. Maybe I'd unlock him about this time next year, you know?

    I'm starting to lean towards NS for my next faction to develop, starting with Ventress, but even that is a long commitment to get her to a proper level.

    On the note of crystals from Ships...... you really have to be placing highly. Thing is my Executrix is 6* and the damned 7* events are so infrequent, and its takes 6 of them to get the ship to 7*, it's taking forever even though I'm ready to 7* it now. Most of my ships lineup is also 6*, so still working on moving them up. I haven't really been chasing any metas in Ships, I seem to be one of the few using Falcon VII, but love it for the auto retribution with it's special, along with the extra protection, an d it hits pretty hard. I have Vader, Boba, use Asokah to debuff, and Biggs and Silencer. Not a bad lineup, all pilots are very well geared and starred, it just comes down to maybe my ships shard being more competitive than most. There are highly starred HTs and all 7* ships at the top, where I'm at about 6* on mine. Long farm on ship shards when it drops four at a time, and some (like Tie Advanced) are hard to come by.
  • Do you have an swgoh.gg account?
  • Jarvind
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    enlguy wrote: »
    Thought I'd for sure have gotten Chewbacca this last time, but STILL haven't gotten Bossk to 5*. He's been at 4* for like two months now, and I've farmed shards daily. It's f-ing ridiculous.

    He's a sucky farm, but he's worth it. He's easily top 3 tanks in the game - brutally hard to kill if you aren't running an expose chain or something similar on him, plus his leadership zeta completely elevates a BH team. And of course, his ship is also savage.

    You should be able to do pretty well with Vader/Biggs/3rd (probably Silencer) as your starting ship lineup, provided the pilots are sufficiently geared. It's not really the current "meta" but it's good enough to get you into a decent bracket for fleet currency, at least, which in turn will let you grab more ship shards from the fleet store and upgrade further.
  • I'm getting the sub-200 reward tier for Ships. Been running Falcon starting and Vader off the bench, I think. I don't even remember now, I keep changing it to see if it makes a difference.

    https://swgoh.gg/p/413765196/characters/ - Says it hasn't updated for several days, not sure why not, but several things have changed (most notably that R2 is now 7* and I have CLS).
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