Grand Arena matchmaking request

A couple of things I’d like to see changed in Grand Arena that would make sense for most people in my opinion.

1. In GA that does not involve fleet, only consider toon GP in matchmaking. Fleet GP should be irrelevant in that circumstance. It also should be a very easy change to make.

2. In GA with fleet, bump the defense zone up to 2. This will add a lot more strategy, while incentivizing players to upgrade ships that are sitting idle. Right now there is very little incentive to upgrade unused ships because of GP bloat in the matchmaking process.


  • I agree with point 1 but I think point 2 will be hard to execute. You only get 1 attack per capital ship, and HT is hard to beat without one of your own. Ships really aren’t in a state for 2 defensive spots in GA yet, but maybe with more ships (especially capital ships), we’ll get there.
  • There just aren't enough ships (especially capital ships) for having four functional fleets regularly.
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