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Hello everyone quick question.
I need to leave my current guild because they are bad. However I thought that if I leave I would not get rewards for territory battle. If I joined now would I get new guilds reward. Thanks.

Also looking for a new guild. My wife and I both play. I'm almost at 3.9 gp while wife is around 3.5 I believe. Looking for a guild that does heroic sith raids. Thanks.


  • You don't get any rewards if you leave a guild after TB starts
  • I thought so just wanted to make sure. Will wait till sunday then
  • You would not get any rewards or be able to participate in the current TB in the new guild. Despite how bad it might be the best option is to wait until after current TB to switch
  • Thank you
  • yep wait until after rewards are paid out, in the meantime come have a chat with our recruiting team see if we have a spot that suits your needs

    Guilds range from 5M to 200M
    Friendly active discord
    Great place for new and old players.
    We work as a family and treat people as players not numbers.
    We have opt in or out of tw guilds or hardcore tw guilds as know you either love it or hate it.
    Each guild has private channels so there's not a massive list, then we have a server wide section where all guilds can talk to each other , if you like a active discord with great people then this is the place for you.
    Come chat to one of our recruiters
  • Lio
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    There is a forum on here specific to guild recruitment and for players looking for guilds. I'd recommend posting there instead of in General Discussion so that you can get more visibility.
  • You lose any/all rewards for leaving before any event finishes.
    I’m in an awesome guild with great group of people, we are Heroic STR ready just need to fill all 50 slots in guild to launch Heroic STR. Message me if your interested in joining us?
  • Ultra
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    Also, keep in mind, if anyone in your guild boots you (leader or officer) before you collect the Territory Battle rewards from your inbox, you will LOSE that reward
  • brett_aiello
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    Message me at Maverick(Ed)#8665 on Discord. We have a spot for 2 after TB.
  • Why do you think your current guild is bad?
  • We have room for you in our guild. We have a GP of 178 with 48players Add me on discord if you’d like, Hands Rated [email protected]
  • Laz
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    What about if you switch during a raid? Do you get the payout or should you wait until the raid is over?
  • Laz wrote: »
    What about if you switch during a raid? Do you get the payout or should you wait until the raid is over?

    You lose everything guild related. Donations end right then,you get whatever was donated but that's it. Active raids don't reward you,you cant join an already started raid in your new guild. It prevents guild jumping and getting massive rewards (you could in theory get traya in 1 day if you jumped enough guilds if changes were unlimited and all you needed to do was post a number then jump to another guild). Plus a guild could use 300 people to beat a raid. It'd be madness and chaos
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