So do we have any legit hybrid squads that are worth looking at?

I remember when the Titans was a thing, a squad of unrelated characters faction wise who dominated arena for a while. The squad consisted of Rebels (CLS, Han, R2), a Jedi(GK), an imperial (GAT) and the occasional clone(Rex) who would replace r2 in some matchups.

Ever since then we basically haven't had any decent hybrid squads that could compete in arena with the likes of RJT, NS, Bastila, Palpatine and eventually Traya and Revan. This is consequence of overpowered leadership abilities that provide way too many bonuses for same faction characters. This also creates a small problem which is that it doesn't allow for some characters to thrive when paired with random characters.

Some of the examples are Rey, Revan, Traya, Bossk, ect. When you take these amazing characters and try to plug and play they end up failing miserably. It's almost sad that you can't use Revan with success without other Jedi. Or that you can't use Traya uless she's accompanied by Sion and Nihilus, or how you have to have BB8 present with Rey.

I find those things to be somewhat disappointing and I'm looking forward to the next decent hybrid squad that could stand it's ground against the likes of Revan.


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    Titans was a simple hodgepodge of the most overpowered characters at the time. They didn't really need a whole lot of synergy. GK as a tank is the most versatile from team to team because only his leader ability really has faction synergy. Thrawn is the same, his kit other than his leader ability doesn't have any faction synergy and is used to shut people down. CLS gives TM to all allies, not just rebels, his leader ability has faction synergy and some of his unique does as well, but mostly just the leader ability. Han is just straight pew pew, doesn't need a whole lot of synergy to go pew pew. R2 is extremely versatile for all LS team with his unique abilities (He was the beginning of the era where unique abilities started to essentially become leader abilities or better) and his skills don't have any specific faction requirements. Rex is the be-all end-all in terms of multi-faction leader abilities. TM gain for everyone is unparalleled in other leader abilities.

    Nowadays the meta teams actually have faction synergy, most people complained at the time that the meta was just a combination of toons that shouldn't work well together, but somehow did, some people said it's a game the best teams should be able to have some teams that work well together outside of eras etc. Now we're getting teams of very specific factions dominating (Traya + Sith, Revan + Jedi, CLS + rebels) that all have very powerful faction specific unique bonuses that are becoming more powerful than just good leader abilities.

    In the age of TW and GA the factions are being split up more and more, so hybrid teams are less common because they just tend to rip up teams that have potential by taking their best toons and using them all in one team. One could probably try to pull off Rex (L), Chewie, Han, CLS, Thrawn or something of that sort, but it probably won't work too well. The faction specific bonuses just require too many toons from the same faction to work at their best power and are extremely powerful in the full sith/jedi/rebel squads.

    Chewie can somewhat be a plug and play character with Guard as long as you can mod the squad correctly (Bastila + Chewie + Guard on GMY isn't terrible, but there are better ways to use them). Talzin and her plague might really be the last plug and play toon we had. C-3PO is kinda plug and play for LS, but it's hard to keep translation on multiple people that aren't one of his specific factions.

    Edit: Forgot about Nest, she's quite plug n' play as well. But the theme is that they're trying to build up the factions to work together so that we have to flesh out multiple factions, not just build the best toons of each and toss them together.
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    While I don't mind the occasional character that can just be put in any team and wreck, I prefer how they've been releasing teams with synergy instead of the 5 best toons.

    I haven't heard of any hybrid teams since traya became meta, but I believe the last one was something like Rex, Wampa, EP, Talzin, GK. I could be wrong, said team could probably be updated with nest
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    Z, Chewie and Nest are the 3 most recent Plug and Plays they have released. But like y'all said I prefer the faction synergy teams more, too.
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