zFinn, Daily Login and Road Ahead Updates!

Hi Holotable Heroes,

It’s been a busy week back at Capital Games but I wanted to give everyone some updates on the status of a few items from over the holiday break. There are other topics not listed here that we are still working but here’s what I’ve got news on.

We had a fix ready this week to change the interaction between Zeta’d Finn and C-3PO but after testing and reviewing its impact, we ultimately don’t feel this solution was good enough. In short, it wasn’t the clean solution we were looking for so we are continuing to investigate a change that should handle this issue as positively as possible.

Time Zone Changes and Daily Login
Some players experienced issues claiming Daily Login rewards after changing their timezone last month. This appears to be a visual bug and the reward were credited properly BUT we are in the process of confirming there are no other possible issues that could have caused this. Regardless, we hope to have this fixed in the future and folks that login on “Day 32 of a month” should see the correct message..

Road Ahead
For those wondering about The Road Ahead, it is in progress! Now that we are back from break we working to finish clarifying what will make it into this quarter and show you all the exciting things that are coming down the pipeline. We don’t have a hard timeline for when this will go live but there will be more info in the next couple weeks.
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