Shipments show credits but everything cost crystals!

Why is it when you look @ the icon for shipments there is a icon for credits which make me assume that everything in that tab would cost credits. But all the good stuff you need costs crystals over hundred sometimes thousands of crystals. Will this ever change? I have a good amount of credits but can’t use them for much anything besides sometimes getting lucky I’m the shard store and a few other places. Can you please put good stuff that can be bought with credits. I get the system of in app purchases. But not all can keep dishing out the bucks for the crystals. Pay to upgrade instead of pay to win.


  • TVF
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    It did change. They called it "Weekly Shipments" and it was awesome.

    Then they said "just kidding!"

    The CGDF requests that CG takes away everyone's Extra Life Charity Event rewards. We don't deserve them.
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