TW glitch 1/20

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It appears that you can move mods even after the lock. I don’t know if it shows up on screen, but the effect is there. I went into battle (Revan vs Revan mirror match) sound 11:00 pm est. I had just finished soloing HAAT with zFinn, and had moved my mods from Revan to 3pO for the HAAT. I had not yet moved my mods back to Revan - but that shouldn’t matter. This is 1.5 days after the lock in. My Revan is 326 speed when modded. My opponent’s was 290. I felt confident going into battle. Somehow his Revan went first. And this was the first battle, no loaded Tm.
Something else that first alerted me something was up, I unlocked Millenium Falcon last night at 6 pm est, well after the lock-in for TW, and yet it shows up on my inventory in TW?

Something is up here.


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    Please report this to Answers HQ.
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