Hi Guys ,

short question is it possible to play the WAMPANADER Team for a HAAT Solo ? Or at least from P2 - P4 ?


  • It can solo but you need to count the hits properly in P1
  • For P1 i will choose CLS / RaidHan and HODA...with a retreat of CLS...
  • Well that isn't a solo if you are retreating. I'm guessing your guild has not beaten HAAT yet, am I right?

    If your guild has not beaten it; do you have any 7* C3PO's? If not, that should be your priority if beating HAAT is your mission. He makes a full solo easy peasy.
  • Vendi1983
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    Mixed bag teams that can almost do the whole thing:

    1 - CLS retreat for all of P1 (or Brotini for the whole thing without retreat)
    2 - FO can do 50% of P2
    3 - Finn Resistance can do another solid chunk. Ideally down to about 20-25% remaining.
    4 - By the time you're at 20-25% go in with ABC + Asajj + Thrawn and the whole raid is done.

    I feel like a version of this should be easily doable by an entire Guild faster than farming 5 Ewoks, waiting for C3PO to return, and then also hoping that in the same amount of time they haven't deployed the "fix" that would negate the full solo from C3PO/zFinn.
  • Those are solid points, @Vendi1983, and I agree. One could also do the Yolo squad too, for a full solo.
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