Complaint about the internal chat in the game

how can it be that the internal chat in the game is so bad? It can not be in 2019 that one in this chat only:
- can open a few chats in the gallery
- The chat begins to stutter when too many messages come in
- the chat is deleted
- that you can not insert pictures
- that you can not delete or edit messages again

Many things are with Discord but this is not a miracle due to the badly structured chat in the gift.
If the developers were to customize this chat just like Discord did on his chat, Discord would be a thing of the past.


  • I would rather the devs spend time improving other aspects of the game than to improve the in-game chat feature.
    First off, it will never be as good as Discord because that is a dedicated chat app. Discord works very well and most high end guilds would continue to use it even if the in-game chat were improved because it would still be much better. Discord will always be better because their primary focus is creating a good chat app whereas SWGOH is focused on making a good game overall. Also to address some of your points, if you could send pictures in-game and the chat never got deleted (as you suggested) then that would be an incredible strain on the game's servers.
    I think the chat works well enough for quick messages, and more in-depth strategy discussions are saved for Discord. As I said before, it's not a priority for me. My only complaint with the in-game chat is the ridiculous censor.
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