Selling gear?

So I dont know if this thread would fit in this category and neither do I know if people are asking this question with me but why dont we have the ability to sell gear? I mean we have the ability to sell mods and im sure everybody has low tier gear that they get from simming hard battles and such but I just thought that the extra credit always helps just asking to know if others have the same question or if it is an in game feature and I'm missing it.


  • We used to be able to, but too many people accidentally sold the wrong thing and lost high level gear so they took it out
  • Ok thanks for the clear up!
  • Would be good if they bring this back ( but with maybe added security where gives you the 'Are you sure you want to sell ............. gear etc... ' )

    would like to be able to sell training droids as well.
    especially the ones for the ships , i never have enough ship credits to use them up and they just keep increasing and increasing in my inventory.
    currently got 80K star 1 droids and never use them as i have plenty 3 and 4 star droids etc..
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