Lost GA battle progress while attempt has been registered.

Had a power failure resulting in unexpected system shutdown while being in the middle of a battle. JTR-BB8-R2 vs JTR-bb8-r2. when phone turned off I had full team alive, and barely alive bb and R2 on the enemy team. when I got back into the game the enemy team ended up being intact, with JTR ressurected. attempt has been counted. team I was using is unavailable, of course.
would be great if situations like these had a fair outcome of saved progress, since attempts are counted


  • Whilst sympathetic to your circumstances, it would be very difficult to prevent abuse, as if you were losing a fight you could engineer a power loss, or terminate the program in order to get yourself multiple bites of the cherry. The game would have to check 'whether you were losing' or not which would be fiddly to say the least. In some fights which depend on a key stun landing or whatever, the ability to redo would be ridiculous/bordering on cheating.
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  • Thanks for a reply Pentagon. I understand the abuse prevention and other fair play routines are important here.
    And It seems that I've been misunderstood - I don't even raise a question of ability to redo a fight. power faiilure and failed attempt was my fault. So it's totally fair that it has been recognized as a loss and team I used is no longer available. BUT It is absolutely unfair that defensive team had been reset to a intact condition. My opponent deserves that succesfull defense, but that resurection of JTR and full health and protection recovery for whole defense is an unfair advantage my opponent was given. I dealt heavy damage his resistance trio before disconnecting from battle. Correct me if I'm wrong but in all other cases of failed offensive attempt, all the damage I've dealt would remain. So I'm just trying to keep the fairness kept for both sides here
  • Fair enough, it doesn't seem an unreasonable request. Though if I'm playing devil's advocate if your fighting a Jolee team, ending the fight before Jolee can ressurect revan would be pretty big.

    Kill revan, after savior ofc, quick turn off app before Jolee gets a go.

    More ridiculous is the art form that shutting down your app in between zombie ressurecting herself
    could be!!!

    I suspect it's something the devs are aware of but without a perfectly fair solution, time to work on in lieu of other projects, keep it as a blanket policy
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