TB and TW guild tools

With the later phases of TB always having a few Platoons that cannot be filled without purchased characters/ships, it would be very useful to have the ability to toggle each Platoon to an open/closed status so we don't get wasted donations to Platoons we can't complete. No matter how much we communicate the instructions, there is always someone who does it and that's not the type of thing to kick out an otherwise productive member of the guild. Just a QOL thing for guild officers to reduce the hassle dealing with where Platoon donations should be going.

As for TW, it would be great for guild officers to have the ability to move a team placed for TW to a different territory or to remove them from the map altogether until the phase lock. With all of these new formats, it makes for changing strategies and a lot of communications to get everyone up to speed on the newer formats and which format is being used for the current TW. So organizing TW defenses is more time-consuming now. It would be a nice QOL feature for guild officers to be able to adjust the defensive teams.


  • Waqui
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    The ability for officers to prohibit engagement for each individual platoon:
    Yes, please.

    The ability for officers to (re)move other players' teams in TW:
    No thank you. Never.

    The ability for players to (re)move their own teams in TW regarding there is consistency, so that it also applies to teams in GA and characters in platoons:
    Maybe. It would be a completely new 'philosophy' or way of doing things. There are pros and cons.
  • I think the ability for officers to (re)move a members TW team is fine. Assuming you give thorough instructions and your members listen, this would predominantly be done in the event of mistakes. We once had a member accidentally put 555s as lead instead of cody or Starck as lead instead of Veers. The team management tool has helped a lot with this as well, but if a member posts a bad team, I see jo reason why officers shouldnt be able to veto it.

    I also really like the TB idea of individually banning platoons. I also think that they should reveal the platoons at the start of TB so officers can post TB instructions at their leisure rather than frantically at the start of the phase when swgoh.gg is usually crashing from too much traffic.
  • Vertigo
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    All for specific platoon on/off switches.

    As for removing a team, I don't think that's the best way to do it. If it's done at the wrong time, could lead to the team not being placed back in fast enough. I think the best way to do this would simply be allow players to edit their teams after they've been placed. That way a squad is always in place there and it solves all the wrong leader/mixed up a toon or something placements and the person who placed it would still have to place a squad, but would just be able to re-arrange who is in the squad based on what they have left.
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