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Yes its another moan post

I specifically hold back shard currency just in order to farm V stun guns, they appear maybe once or twice a a pack of 6, we need 50 to upgrade characters kit, this is impossibly slow and is definitely why so many of my characters are bottle necked whilst even my G12 pieces out number the flow of V stun guns, CG please increase the rate at which these appear!
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  • They should be a *bit* more common than that. But yeah, Stun Guns are a bottleneck by design.

    If you really need a Stun Gun, go for other sources as well as shard shop. The Pit (RNG dependent), Guild Event store, co-drops on hard nodes, and Fleet Battles are all possible locations
  • It makes you focus on what you need to upgrade. But yes, it kitten sucks.
  • You get to farm Holdo! (PSB of the Resistance!)
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