Help with GA team planning

Hey would I be able to get some help with optimizing or making a good starting point for my GA defense and offense. I am not always sure what the best combo is for 3’s but here is my starting point and if you see any glaring mistakes thanks for pointing them out!
It would be great if you can recommend which ones to be on defense and what on offense. Based on GP I need to set 8 teams.

Also here is the link to my profile for added reference.

Here are all the teams:
• Treya, Nihilus, Sion
• Rey, BB8, R2
• Bast, GMY, Exra
• Qi’ra, HODA, Nest
• Assaj, Talia, Old Ben
• Tarkin, Tie Pilot, Probe Droid
• Wedge, Biggs, GK
• Finn, Resistence trooper, Scav Rey
• Veers, Snow, XXXXX
• Rex, Baze, Churrit
• Phasma, FOO, FO executioner
• Bossk, Boba, Dengar
• Talzin, Daka, Zombie
• CLS, Han, Chewie
• Palp, Vader, DS bastilla
• Thrawn, Shore, DT
• Hera, Chopper, Kanan
• Embo, IG88, Cad bane
• KRU, Unmasked Kylo, FO tie pilot

Appreciate all the help!


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