Boba Fett versus Fives.. again

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I unlocked Fett and am close to 5*-ing him. But I'm once again starting to wonder if it was the right move.
Even with purple gear at level 54 his base attack is slow and mediocre, and his special rarely lands the ability block. It's supposed to be 65% chance but I usually only get 1 or 2.
Meanwhile every time I fight a CT-5555 it is a freaking nightmare. He has insane health, he counter-attacks constantly, and he slows the whole team down until I get rid of him.
I'm really confused as to why the end-gamers still recommend Fett over Fives. What am I missing?
Should I stop with Fett at 5* and switch to Fives? Or am I going to end up spreading myself too thin.
Maybe Fett is much better at higher levels and I'm just not seeing it. But I sorta now wish I had done Fives instead.
Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.


  • Qeltar
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    @Slushie .. @WhipiT .. @SeroZero .. your thoughts? :)
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
  • I have Fives in my a team and he is great. Sid attack twice yes please. Dooku attacks yes. Leia shooting machine gun yes please. His assist is great. His hp is great. His speed is great. I mean this guy rocks really. Have Fett but he needs buff
  • I still like 5555 way more than Fett. It Fett had a taunt instead of self res, he might be a better tank option than anything we have for dark side
  • I haven't got Fives unlocked and my Fett is only 4* so I can't really comment much unfortunately :/
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    Thanks for the feedback all.
    Fett is not a bad character, and he is pretty tanky. My dark side team is fairly lame anyway. But I think after I hit 5* on him I am going to set him aside for a while and work on Fives. For whatever reason I just see Fives in my team long term more than Fett.
    I've heard that new character is also pretty tanky. Maybe I'll wait and see how that one measures up. (I can use Cantina credits much faster than I earn them...)
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
  • You will find interesting discusssions in the section you supposed to post this thread
  • Can't really help you out, but in a galactic war yesterday I had to kill fett FOUR times, as he self rezzed 3x. Sure made me want him, lol.
  • ewok
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    Would love to hear people's take on this since I just unlocked Fett.
  • Ehhh... How cruel. You singled me out too. I dont have fives, useless to me, so I left his shards close to unlocking him but didn't so when he pops for bronze/chronium, I get a full character and keep my shards :p. But I met him a couple of times in GW and Arena when people maxed him out around 6/7*.

    All data based on level 60

    • A little more hp than boba, although both tanks.
    • Only really annoying part is all his attacks/counters induce speed down. Although they don't hurt much. 1k+ dmg with 2k+ on crit for basics, which is the usual dmg for tank classes?
    • Has assist call, but his own dmg sucks, so unless you have great heroes you want to throw a punch in, not that useful like IG-86s. You won't use any other clones anyway
    • Useless leaderskill

    Boba, own him at 5* closing to 6*, level/gear capped. One of the few whose gear can reach rank 8!
    • Amazing leader skill 45% crit dmg at lvl6, no need to emphasize on that. Works great as lead for another team in GW
    • Aoe @ level 6 has 80% skill block, seen it block all 5 opponents before. Damage is really decent too, just got buffed too. Before buff his aoe dmg was alrd better than b4 patch Sid's aoe.
    • His basic dmg HURTS, 1095 attack @ 5* full gear, compared to 1192 attack @ 7* of Sid's. If you 7* him too, expect to see Sid tier basic attack dmg (or actually more, his base dmg for basic attack is really good)
    • Downside: SLOW, really SLOW. But maybe still faster than clowns like Old Ben and Maul so it's still useful. Speed 101. Maul speed at 94 at gear 6? Havent maxed my maul gear yet.
    • REVIVE! 25% chance to revive lmao. Revives with 15% health, really little, but deters people from focusing him down. Paired with daka, he gets another 10% chance to revive again hahaha. Once had to kill him 4 times to get him to stay down.
  • Its a preference if you like Fives go with Fives stop listening to other players opinions on it I personally have fives & hes going nowhere His shards are attainable (as is fetts) but his constant counter & ability to slow opponents down non stop is what does it for me.
  • I love my Boba. I don't regret getting him and even at 65% I almost always inflict 2+ people.usually more. His basic attack is strong. I have no idea why you think it's weak. It's very near my 5* sids. Maybe 50-100 dmg weaker.

    Funny story. Yesterday it was my Boba and Chewy left in the last GW stage and my Boba revived no less than 10 times in a row. It was the most hilarious moment I've had in the game. Barely ahead of the first time I went against URURURURRUR'R'R.
  • I use my dear Boba just for the enhanced crit dmg. 45% is ridiculous! Paired with Luminaras force blast i sometimes hit for nearly 7k or beyond, even her normal dmg is beyond 4,5k dmg. And those 2 paired with Leia's 2x crit chance skill is really a bang.
    Since you still get leader advantage after their death he is still my favorite for GW.
    I'm playing around with a crit/stun based team atm, still need to work on it. Mainly using Leia, Cad Bane, Dooku, Farm Boy Luke and Boba for leader. It works for now.

    Boba for president.
  • Hey thanks for all the responses! Much appreciated, especially that detailed analysis from Sero.
    I think I understand why Boba seems better when I borrow him than when I use my own: when he's borrowed his leader ability is in effect. I haven't been using him as leader, since I've used Barriss since I got her. I don't really have a crit-heavy team, so maybe the issue is my team composition.
    I'm going to get him to 5* today. He's already about as well-geared as he can be (level 7). I will accumulate tokens for a while I guess to see if Poe ends up worth using, otherwise I will either continue with Fett or work on Fives.
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
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