Jedi team ready for GMY training?

I have 7* JC, Old Ben, and Mace with Lumi and QGJ close behind. Gear at lol 7. Low lvl mods. Oh yeah I'm lvl 69. I dont know if im leaving anything out... I just want to know if I have a chance at getting GMY at 7*?


  • you should be fine, use either qgj or lumi lead, i think the first time i did it, i did with lumi lead. but gear levels were close to what you have
  • Gmy is quite calm to come into and on of the easiest bosses to get.

    Definitely use QGJ as a lead for his bonus speed as it will assist in your turn meter to go with each having the arrow of 30 speed
  • He's not hard to get but your level might be a problem to get him 7*
  • as I know, that is very old event, before the mods, so it is quite easy and you should have no problems with it.
  • Mace helps when you're lower level. His chance to expose lets you knock a big chunk of Yoda's health off.

    You might be looking at several restarts based on which characters are there with Yoda, as certain Jedi paired with him make it a bit harder than others.
  • Thank you all for your replies!
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