Scheduled Update 1/30/2019

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Hi Holotable Heroes!
We are updating the client today, 1/30/19, with some minor fixes and adding the February Calendar.

  • February calendar is live and the login character is L3-37!
  • Added a "frame story" to each mission in Legend of the Old Republic to help better explain what is going on in each mission.
      Context: Knights of the Old Republic is a big game, and distilling it into a mobile experience is... challenging. Given that it also released 15 years ago, there is a considerable chance users will either have never played the game, or otherwise not know what each mission is trying to represent. By adding these additional lines we hope players can get a better sense of the overall narrative and what parts of KotOR each mission is approximating. -CapGasp

    • LOCALISATION - Fixed First Order’s Special Territory Wars Ability description to mention that the bonus only applies to First Order Ships
    • UNIT - Fixed a bug that caused Jawas to call assists from Ruthless Salvagers more often than intended.
      • Jawa’s Special Territory Wars Ability, Ruthless Salvagers, description changed to: “When Jawas use a basic attack on a Stunned enemy, they Shock them for 2 turns and call all other Jawa allies to assist”

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