Linking the game to the sight.

Can someone please direct me on how I link my game to this sight? Is that even possible? I thought I read about this or have seen it in a post on YouTube. Your help is appreciated.


  • Kyno
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    Nope, there is no link to the game from this site.

    Do you have something you are trying to accomplish?
    I.e. - show you roster (that is
  • Thanks, that is what my confusion is. Wrong site. So I need a whole new account there, I am guessing?
  • Kyno
    21054 posts Moderator
    Yes, but it's a simple setup, I dont remember exactly but I dont think they require anything outside of game information. No email or anything like that.

    Go check it out, it's very useful. And also makes it easier for others to help you when they can see your roster.
  • Khon that is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the assist.
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